Santa Brought Cute Girls


Morgan in her costume just before the school Christmas play last night!

Brothers Ross (9th grade) and Weston (7th grade) were bitching bigtime about having to go, especially Weston since the school is going to have an assembly and they are all going to have to watch it again tomorrow, LOL. And it was LONG. They had like an hour of musical performances–different school choir groups and the band, then the play for an hour, and you totally couldn’t hear a word they were saying…. But Morgan looked pretty. :yes:

Then…….two cute 8th grade girls who knew Weston came over and sat down in front of Ross and Weston. They pepped right up, especially Ross. Poor Weston. They came over because they knew him but they quickly turned their attention on Ross (THE OLDER MAN) and he had two cute girls talking talking talking very animatedly to him for the next hour. Life was once again good…………

I can say this about their school. They are not concerned with this whole controversy about religion and school. The program had “Christmas” in the title and a lot of the songs they sang had religious words in them etc. They are not pretending it is just a “winter holiday” here!


  1. Anna says:

    You realise, don’t you, that you’re going to have to beat the boys off the porch with sticks…. gggggg

    Looking good, Morgan. :wave:

  2. Sandy J says:

    So glad to hear the school is celebrating “Christmas”. Bet Morgan was the best one on the stage!

  3. Jill says:

    She’s adorable!

  4. Cynthia says:

    Great picture of Morgan, Suzanne! How cute!

    And when boys are that age, cute girls cures everything. 🙂

  5. Estella says:

    I am so glad some schools are not afraid to celebrate Christmas!:yes:

  6. Robyn says:

    How nice that they use the words that should be used; e.g. Christmas-it is CHRISTMAS and not just an insignificant holiday. Yippee!!:smile:

  7. Toni Anderson says:

    Isn’t it nuts to make such a fuss over whether to use ‘Christmas’ or not! Funny watching teenagers interact with each other…kind of scary remembering those days 😯

  8. Angie says:

    Weston is my 17 year old son’s middle name! That is so cool. It’s not a name you hear every day (which is why I like it!)

  9. TeresaH says:

    Sounds like not only will you be beating the boys off with sticks (the pic is so cute!) but the girls too! Probably twice as many since you have two boys!:rotfl:

  10. Michelle says:

    Great picture! And I would love a place that actually acknowledged Christmas as a holiday!:bananadance:

  11. Peggy says:

    Your daughter looks sweet! And, yay on the school not being shy about using the “C” word!

  12. Tori says:

    Yeah, you’ll have to beat the boys AND the girls off the front porch. 🙂

    And more power to the school for not being afraid to celebrate Christmas!