She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain…Maybe, Maybe Not


My husband bought a pop-up camper last week. On eBay. In Massachusetts. And we live in North Carolina. I’m not sure how far it is from North Carolina to Massachusetts but it’s FAR. So then he drove to Massachusetts to get it. It was a good deal, you know. It was worth driving all the way to Massachusetts to get it! Really! I’ve been TOLD!!!

So then he thought putting it in my beautiful backyard would be a GREAT idea. No, no, no!!! Not my beautiful backyard! I won that one. It’s tucked out of the way in the sideyard now. Here you see what it looks like opened up and above is what it looked like when he pulled in with it (before it got tucked in the sideyard).

Look at the excited children cleaning it!!!!! This is evidence I can now use that they DO KNOW HOW TO CLEAN!!! They thought it looked like a cool new playhouse. My husband has big plans to take them to the North Carolina mountains. He assured me there was a POTTY! Yep, and he showed it to me. It looks a toddler’s training potty. I’m just not sure about this……:no:


  1. Carol says:

    Frame that picture and show it to the kids every time their room needs cleaned! πŸ˜† Camping isn’t my idea of fun :talktothehand: but I bet the kids will love it. You can stay home and relax, write and use a “real” bathroom if you aren’t interested in it either. :yes:

  2. Tori says:

    Well, I’d much rather go camping in your popup camper than in a freakin’ tent! I’m not a roughing kind of girl. Roughing it for me is Motel 6. πŸ˜€

  3. Jill says:

    Are YOU going with them? Is there internet hook up? :hyper:

  4. Kelly says:

    Hey, Suzanne, are those your toes on the last pic with your kids? πŸ˜‰ Looks like the kids will have fun in the camper!

  5. Crystal* says:

    Camping. Like hell. :yuck:
    I’m with Tori. Give me a Motel 6. Or a cabin. SOMETHING.
    I remember camping with my grandparents way back when. There was no um…potty inside. My grandmother told me I would have to go in a coffee can at night. :no: I was scarred for life. :thumbsdown:
    And now I would REALLY have to love someone to haul my cookies in a pop-up with them. Oh man. Though the potty IS a perk.

  6. Jan says:

    Pop-ups are a baby step above roughing it, imo. Did it once, but never again. :no: I’ll take cabins or nice motels with solid walls between me and the great outdoors alive with bears, bugs and other creepy critters of the night.

  7. Robyn says:

    We used to have a pop-up but gave it to one of the kids; we feel we are just ‘not into
    camping’ anymore. The pop-up is nice, though, when it rains.

  8. Michelle says:

    Just wave bye-bye to them and snuggle back with a good book at home. πŸ™‚ :wave:

  9. Mechele Armstrong says:

    LOL I agree with framing that picture and showing it to the kids. You have proof!!

  10. Mary says:

    :bananadance:I know I should be on your side, but I love your husband. He’s so . . . innovative. Let them go camping and you stay home and go to a day spa!

  11. Suzanne says:

    Kelly, yes, dammit, those are my toes, LOL! My son was AGHAST that I had walked into the camper with MY SHOES ON! Couldn’t I SEE he was CLEANING? He snatched my shoes off while I was taking the picture! And yes, this is the same child who has NO problem with stomping into my house with muddy shoes….

  12. Sasha says:

    I’m sure it’ll be anice weekend to let the hubby and kids go away. It might good for when you’re close to deadline to. the Pop up could become your hideaway office. πŸ™‚

  13. Lynn says:

    LOL about being TOLD it was WORTH IT. My husband has done the same thing with studio gear and tools. Drives all over creation to pick up the gigungus stuff he’s bought on eBay because it was a GREAT DEAL.

    And I guess I’m an anomoly here. I’m looking forward to going camping. In a tent. Because I don’t have to vacuum afterward.

  14. Cheyenne McCray says:

    Love the pictures of the camper. *g* And even better are the children cleaning. Once there’s evidence that they can clean it’s an awfully good tool to use to earn their privileges. I also threaten them with it when they fight. Fight and you clean. All of you. πŸ˜€

  15. Danica says:

    LOL gotta love those kids.

    And I am SO glad that I am not married to the only idiot who will buy stupid crap on ebay because “it’s a good deal.” I will NOT be telling DH about this deal. πŸ™‚

    Um, so why didn’t he take the darling children with him to Massachusetts? Think of all the great family bonding time it would have been for them. Kids need to establish close, personal relationships with their dad. You know, you should definitely use that to your advantage and let them go camping while you go to a spa. πŸ™‚

  16. Teresa says:

    We used to camp out in a pop up. It was fun. . . Those are some memories. . . I love camping though. But I don’t blame you I wouldn’t want it in my yard.:no:

  17. Mary Stella says:

    My idea of roughing it is Motel 6. I’m sure the camper will be convenient — in some situation somewhere. :shocked:

  18. Amy K. says:

    Where’s the potty DOOR?? Ack.

    We had a camper when I was growing up. A tip for you: When your highschooler begs you to let him/her take the camper out to the nearby campground for a night with the buddies, SAY NO. Campgrounds are excellent places for parties. :guitar:

  19. Alyssa says:

    It’s great that you have photographic evidence of your children’s ability to clean. Heh heh! Nice work!


  20. Joely says:

    Wow, I bet you’ll have tons of fun with the camper! Now crack that whip and get the kids cleaning for you inside the house too!

  21. Lis says:

    Oh yikes. Camping. :no: Must keep horrible flashbacks away!
    Love the pictures though πŸ˜€ Too cute he made you take your shoes off lol

  22. Teresa H says:

    I guess I am among the minority because I LOVE camping! Think of all the togetherness….:rotfl:

  23. Carol Burnside says:

    My DH and I graduated from a tiny crawl-in tent to a 3-man (could almost stand up), then got a pop-up, now we’re in a hard-sided camper w/cable, microwave, stove, fridge/freezer, CD stereo, and tiny bathroom. DH is already making plans for the 5th wheel and dually truck. Where is he looking? Uh-huh. Haven’t you HEARD! There are great deals on the internet. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!