Sign of the Times


The sign! The sign! People are so upset over the sign. Honestly, I don’t like it either. I’m talking about the new sign the governor put up on all the interstate entrances to West Virginia. The sign used to boast the beloved slogan “Wild, Wonderful” and now it says “Open for Business” instead. They might as well have ripped open West Virginia’s chest, tore its heart out, and ran over it on the highway under the new sign. That has been pretty much the reaction across the state. Even my kids don’t like it (and that they actually noticed is amazing in and of itself). You know where all this despoiling of state slogans is going, don’t you? It’s a slippery slope and this IS America. First they take away the sentimental slogan and replace it with something financially-oriented. Next thing you know we’re gonna have total corporate sponsorship. Crest Whitestrip West Virginia, here we come. Followed, of course, by the Tostitos State Capitol Building, AT&T Blackwater Falls, and Jeep Cherokee Appalachian Mountains. Maybe I can afford to sponsor something little. (The Books by Suzanne McMinn Pocatalico River?)


  1. Kim A. says:


    Whew, that’s quite the letter to editor, I must say. I’ve never had the good (or mis?) fortune to visit West Virginia, so I haven’t any personal experience with your so-called “greasy-haired, unbathed, one-toothed, ignorant, inbred, drunken, backwoods” residents.

    Only with those growing up 30+ years ago in Gaspé, Quebec, Canada! 😆


  2. leanne says:

    Heck yea Suzanne. I’d love to see WV come off other states lists of places and people to make fun of. We have so many things here to see and such beauty to behold. As for the sign, I too would love to see it changed back to Wild and Wonderful. Hope everyone has a great day today.

    LeAnne :purr: :snoopy:

  3. Michelle Willingham says:

    Ugh. That’s pretty tacky, I’m thinking. Well, the scenery is so beautiful, probably most tourists won’t worry about it. :catmeow:

  4. Biddy says:

    Well it wouldn’t stop me visiting West Virginia! The only thing stopping me at the moment is time!!
    But am hoping to see you in San Francisco next year :snoopy:

  5. Alice Audrey says:

    THAT’S what I’m supposed to think of West Virginians? It never crossed my mind, until he said it.

  6. Susan says:

    You truly have to wonder what is going through their minds, if anything, when they make those awful changes! :fryingpan: Although “The Books by Suzanne McMinn Pocatalico River” does have a nice ring to it. :rockon:

  7. Ellen says:

    From “Wild and Wonderful” to “Open for Business” is sad. What were they thinking? :shocked:

    The Books by Suzanne McMinn Pocatalico River definitely beats AT&T Blackwater Falls. LOL.

  8. Bonnie Ferguson says:

    That’s too bad about “Wild and Wonderful”. 😕

  9. mary beth says:

    What was he thinking?!? He realizes he’s an elected official, doesn’t he?

  10. Tori Lennox says:

    Wild and Wonderful is SOOOOOO much better than Open For Business. What an idiot your governor is!

    Arkansas used to be The Land of Opportunity (which I always thought was kind of weird *g* in fact, I used to call it the Land of MISopporutnity). Now it’s The Natural State which is infinitely better.

  11. Kaye says:

    I know exactly, and I mean exactly what you mean…


  12. Lis says:

    Open For Business? Wow, what a change! I can see why its not going over well :sheepjump:

  13. Brandy says:

    Good Grief! That’s the stupidest slogan for a State I’ve ever heard. (Um, is it sad I can’t remember my own States moto right now?)

  14. Dru says:

    who is your governor? You are so right..everything now a days is being named for a corporation.

  15. Shelli Stevens says:

    Wild, Wonderul is romantic. :treehugger:

    Open for business makes me think you just want my money. I’d be a little pissy. :talktothehand: