I came across a blog entry this morning that made me cry. I was clicking around on the directory at Romancing the Blog, wasting time, procrastinating, being generally lazy, when I clicked on Kara Lennox’s blog. Kara Lennox (or Karen, as I still think of her, because she was writing as Karen Leabo when I met her) was one of the very first published authors I ever met. I was absolutely in awe of her. As she says in her blog, I did want to be her when I grew up. Karen was, and still is, one of my heroes in this business. Not only is she a wonderful writer, she’s a wonderful person–cute, funny, generous, full of energy and just plain NICE. I have most of her books and they’re on my keeper shelves. I don’t live in Texas anymore, so I rarely see Karen these days, but I always seek her out at conferences just to say hello because a minute with Karen is always a lift.

To stop by her blog today and find her saying: “Suzanne, I wanna be you when I grow up” just blows my mind. What do you say when your hero says something like that about YOU? I want to say thank you, but that sounds inadequate. Are you crazy? sounds more appropriate. In the end, it’s just–Karen, you’re still my hero.

Take a minute and stop by Kara Lennox’s blog today and tell her how great she is. I think sometimes she forgets.

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