This is for Beth—no, not Beth Ciotta, though she is adorable, so go check her out! 🙂 But this is for Beth Swain. I was going to write this in response to her comment in the “nothing” entry below, but that was dangerously close to turning it into SOMETHING and I just couldn’t let that happen! :hehe: Plus I couldn’t put clickable links into a comment box.

Beth, check out these reader blogs (if you haven’t already): Alyssa and Maili and Rosario . Also, check out Romancing the Blog and scroll way down in the blog directory past the columnists and authors to the heading that says Reader Blogs. There are several more reader blogs there (and the list seems to be growing all the time). You should add your blog to the Romancing the Blog directory! If you click on the Contact button in the top menu bar at Romancing the Blog, there is a “submit” form there where you can add your blog!

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