Stay Out of the Water!


He looks hungry, doesn’t he?


I’m going to the Outer Banks again in 76 days (see My Dates To Remember countdown in the sidebar–we have a beach house rented for a week on Carova Beach) and according to my sidebar poll, 26 percent of you are going to the beach this summer.


Okay, actually, elephants attacks are up, too. Be careful out there.


  1. Laurie says:

    Your pictures are actually terrifying!! The one with the surfer/shark… YIKES!! I live 5 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean in Florida…now I know why I ONLY will swim in a POOL!!

  2. Melissa says:

    :shocked: Great, I just moved to Newport, RI. You can walk to the beach from my house and I get to see pics. of SHARKS! GREAT WHITES NO LESS! Thanks Suz. ๐Ÿ˜†

    I read somewhere that in the pic of the surfer the animal in question is actually a dolphin.

    Oh, how I remember the good ole days when I was a wee thing and would go out in the ocean up to my neck. No more. Shark attacks are indeed on the rise. FL has already had 2 with one fatality.

    Now, ask me about alligators…:blahblah:

  3. Mary says:

    My daughter and I are going to the beach town where I grew up. I can’t wait. I love the beach. I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid.

  4. Toni Anderson says:

    Hey Suzanne–my DH won’t be pleased with your shark attack!! He gets really fed up with the deal sharks get.

    But people be careful, don’t swim near schools of fish, don’t swim if there are lots of sharks off shore. Don’t encourage shark cages–which basically tempt sharks with meat and then imprint a human form on their brain :wall:

    I wouldn’t go in the water with Great Whites or Bullsharks, but I’ve been in the water with other sharks.

    In Australia sharks are way behind jellyfish, rip tides and crocs on the dangerous list IMO.

    But I live in Winnipeg –I’m alright jack. Safe swimming.

  5. Saundra M says:

    OK, I saw Jaws years ago and learned that sharks do not like us in their territory, so I , for one, will stay away! Only the pool for this girl.:wink:

  6. Estella Kissell says:

    I saw a shark while I was scuba diving in the Pacific off the Oregon coast and I couldn’t get to the top and get out of the water fast enough!!!!:!::!::!:

  7. Jill says:

    I was attacked, viciously, by mosquitos last night, does that count?

  8. Danni says:

    Okay, I would totally brave sharks to get out of hte midwest this summer! Although we’re planning to hit Ocean City, MD this fall. And I can’t wait! :bananadance:

    I scu badived a few times with nursing sharks (I think that’s what they’re called, I was 13 it’s hard to remember). But DH doesn’t scuba, and has objected to even the notion of me getting back into it. So I’ll have to wait till our kids are 13 to recruit them. Thank heavens I can write characters who DO scuba! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Emma S says:

    Did you know that more people are killed by pigs each year than by sharks?

    I’m just full of useless information…

  10. Robyn says:

    A beach house-that sounds wonderful to me.
    Those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer!!!
    Have fun.:cool:

  11. Alyssa says:

    Ack! :shocked: Glad I’m not going to the beach.

  12. mary beth says:

    Fun. What’s a trip to the beach without a little excitement?

  13. Mary Stella says:

    Yes, the animal in the picture with the surfer is a dolphin. I can tell by the tail. (I work at a dolphin facility.) ๐Ÿ˜† Despite recent tv reports, shark attacks are pretty rare. I’m sure you’ll be fine!

  14. Jordan says:

    Like Mary Stella said, the picture in the surf is a dolphin. I about had a heart-attack the first time I saw it two months ago. I would’ve, had I been the one on that surfboard.

    Bull-sharks have more testosterone than any other species of shark, which makes them far more aggressive than say a Great White. The only reason Great Whites are so deadly is that one bite (due to their size) can kill you. I’d be more worried about Tigers and Bull sharks than Great Whites. One final tip, don’t swim in murky water. Sharks love to hunt then. Most shark attacks happen in waist deep murky water.

    On the upside, you do have a better chance of getting struck my lightning than you do getting attacked by a shark, so have fun at the beach.:grin:

  15. Mechele Armstrong says:

    ๐Ÿ˜ฏ eeek! LOL great pictures.

    I love the Outer Banks. You’re making me jealous, I want to go back there soon.

    Once in the water off the Outer Banks, my sister and I were floating on the waves. Fish started jumping out of the water. We were fine until she looked at me and said, “What do you think they trying to get away from?”

    LOL we couldn’t get out of that ocean fast enough.

  16. MartyK says:

    I don’t know who mentioned the gators, but didn’t some big 12-foot gator just eat somebody in FL? They’re taking back the planet, people. They’re mad as hell and they aren’t gonna take it any more! You all take care with your household pets…

  17. Danica says:

    Okay, now while some of you have been very comforting in your facts, I have one word for you: JAWS!!

    I watched that horrible movie as a little kid and the fear has forever been imprinted on my poor little brain. I even get scared in swimming pools. Because you never know…

  18. Tori says:

    Damn. Can’t go to the beach. Can’t go on that African safari. Guess I’ll just stay home and get struck by lightning. :rotfl:

  19. Mร ili says:

    Aw, sharks get killed more than they kill humans. Let me check —

    yeah, 100 million sharks are slaughtered by mankind worldwide per year, comparing with 50-70 non-fatal shark attacks worldwide per year, and 20 fatal shark attacks per year. Bite Back

    Peter Benchley, author of JAWS, is now a champion to protect sharks. ๐Ÿ˜€ Interview

    I tell you what scares the c**p out of me: sheep.

    They may look soft and fluffy, but, my God, they know how to head-butt. If there is a war coming my way, that is what I will do, create an army of sheep to head-butt the enemies, terrorising them into running away screaming. It’ll work, you’ll see.

  20. kacey says:

    I’m thinking my next beach trip…I’ll be lucky to wade in up to my ankles…:shock:

  21. Gladys Paradowski says:

    That’s a frightening picture of a shark. Me, I want to head to the mountains. Mountain goats don’t attack. Storms cause havoc, however. I have been off line for over two days due to thunderstorms putting out the teltphone line to my computer. Now I am trying to play catch-up.

  22. ruby55 says:

    Hey, just discovered a lot of the icons actually move! To reserve space and energy on my computer, I always turn off the “dithering” and sometimes the pictures themselves but today I’m using my nephew’s computer near the Muskokas.

    No sharks here. I can vouch for Toni A.’s assertion that there are none in Winnipeg: I lived there for 20 years. But watch out for mosquitoes. They can really divebomb you.:talktothehand::thumbsdown:

  23. Toni Anderson says:

    Love the Muskokas Ruby. Bloody mossies are going nuts here at the moment–laughing at the City’s fogging efforts:thumbsdown:

    Give me sharks any day:rolleyes:

    Don’t now if I’ll survive 20 years…coming up to our first anniversary:shock:

  24. Beth C says:

    Sharks, even the thought of a shark, terrifies me. I live three blocks from the beach. Do you think I swim in the ocean? NOT! I know. I’m a wuss. :rolleyes:

  25. Lindsay says:

    I love the ocean and we’re still considering a quick trip to Virginia Beach this summer…but what I REALLY love is THE BEAST WITHIN!

    Finally had a chance to read it this weekend and I posted about it on my blog.

    Yo! Great story, terrific characters and a plot that just z-o-o-m-s! :thumbsup:

  26. MartyK says:

    OMG! If you click on her adopted pets, they bark and purr! OK, forget what I said about vicious household pets…

  27. TeresaH says:

    Pictures like that makes me want to stay out of the ocean! *shudder* Now I know why I don’t like beaches!:no:

  28. Margery Scott says:

    I’m a pool girl all the way! My dh caught a couple of sharks last year, and I did pet one two years ago. Okay, it was a little shark, but still …

  29. Suzanne says:

    Lindsay, I’m glad you enjoyed The Beast Within! ::zoom:: Must go check out your blog!

  30. Toni Anderson says:

    Hey–my husband is having sharks flown out to Winnipeg today. Imagine how frightened they’ll be ๐Ÿ™

  31. Kate says:

    I watched the mythbusters last night. I’m staying OUT of the water this summer. Well, okay, maybe the pool’s okay.

  32. Nicole says:

    Ack…the Mythbuster’s shark episode was on already!? New episodes are Wednesdays, dammit. Argh.