Almost two years ago, I wrote a post called This Post is Stunning. Many of you may not have read that because it’s so old. Check it out, for context on this post.

Chicken, contemplating the meaning of life.
This rooster is stunning. Even though he doesn’t belong on my porch.

Yesterday, there was a veritable invasion on the porch. For the past couple of weeks, one rooster in particular has been hopping up to the porch every day. A Dominecker. Just him. He’d come eat some dog food then hop back away. I figured he was keeping the whole thing a big secret. I mean, what chicken in his right mind would share his dog food gold mine?

Maybe he didn’t share. Maybe the others just sneaked around and followed him. But yesterday, there were chickens all over the place.

And yet they were all so stunning.
I had to force myself to chase their stunningly fluffy butts off the porch and lock the porch gates.
They took their fluffy butts down to the goat yard where they were….
….just as stunning.

And speaking of creatures with fluffy butts.
(Not you, Boomer!)

The ducks.
They’re trying to kill me.
I love how ducks walk in a line. They are so stunning.
They stick together, near obsessively. They are creatures of habit. In the mornings, they come out of the chicken house and head for the goat yard. They hang out there for awhile then in the afternoon they head for the hill behind the house, up into the woods.

They do mysterious things there. Hold meetings. Enter secret portals into other worlds. All sorts of secret spy stuff. Then in the evenings, after dark, they come home to the chicken house.

Only the other night? They didn’t come home.

I’ve lost ducks before. Once a duck disappears, they don’t reappear. When a duck is gone, a duck is gone.

And all six were gone.

I mourned.

I gave them up for lost.

I looked for them anyway, and called to them, and hoped.

But I knew they were gone.

The second night, I got ready to shut the chickens up and I heard a low chorus I knew very well.

A chorus of ducks, quacking quietly to each other in the still darkness.

My ducks who had disappeared had reappeared.
I forgave them immediately. I can’t help it. I love my ducks. They’re stunning. Every day with them is a gift. I gave them bread in the morning and begged them not to run away again.

Coco has been re-relegated to the goat yard. She’s depressed.
She’d gotten pretty excited about Spice opening the door several times a day, and she and Boomer got a set of playing cards and were setting up for business at the dining room table. Between the dogs and the chickens, something had to give.

I mean, I have ten cats in the house, isn’t that enough????

I’m in love with this little brown duck, by the way.
She’s stunning.

I also think there’s something terribly stunning about Jack’s giant velvety head.
That head is every bit as soft as it looks. And he nuzzles. I love how donkeys nuzzle.
Annabelle is stunning. Even when she’s too busy to talk to me.
They are all stunning.
And I am stunned that these gorgeous, sweet, funny, demanding animals are part of my day, every day. I’m lucky to live on a farm. I’ve wanted to live on a farm all my life. I never really thought I would. (When you live in the suburbs, the notion of living on a farm sounds like an unattainable dream. How do you get there? Answer: you take the first step and then the next and then the next….)

But there are so many ways to live the simple, stunning life, and a farm is only one part of it and not absolutely necessary. I look back now and realize how many ways I could have lived more simply, and more stunningly, in the suburbs. It’s not where you live but how you live. It’s a lesson I am still learning, every day.

They help me learn it.
I want to thank you all for what you did yesterday. More than one person asked me in the comments if I could feel the love. YES. I don’t have the words to express it. Yesterday was surreal in some ways. I just want to tell you that you are STUNNING. And THANK YOU. (And if you can possibly stand it, please vote again today. You can vote every day until the voting closes–November 6.)



  1. Patricia Herman says:

    Good thing about insomnia – is I can vote for you and I posted on facebook for all my friends to vote for you!

    Stunning post Suzanne. I love the pictures of all your animals – puts a smile on my face for this Friday morning.

  2. Patty says:

    I agree with the first comment, Stunning post! It’s so great to see all the different animals this morning. We love you Suzanne! I’m going to go vote again!

  3. Cecelia says:

    Love all of these pictures this morning!! All of the animals just make me smile. So glad the duckies came home. Off to vote and hoping my blog brought you a few votes.


  4. Shelly says:

    Great pics. Love you too! :fairy:

    • Toph says:

      Yes folks we did great yesterday around 2000 votes.Now we have to keep up the momentum and make sure Suzanne stays at the top where she belongs.
      As a retired farmer,I am not sure about a farm,perhaps you should rename to “Stringtown Zoo\” 😆

  5. Kathy S says:

    I found you three days ago. I voted for you yesterday and today. I went back and read every post and looked at every picture as far back as 2005(?). I also joined your forum.

    I too, have always wanted to live on a farm. You are living my dream and it is good to know someone is doing exactly right with that dream. I seriously doubt I will ever achieve my goal as I am getting on in years now and am stuck up north in a place I never thought I would be again.

    I spent years preparing for the day I would be able to find my little farm. I learned to sew, quilt, plant, harvest, can, freeze and dry my fruits and veggies. I even took a couple of creative writing classes and a children’s book writing camp along the way. These are all things that have helped me grow over the years.

    It isn’t easy, the life you have chosen. It wasn’t easy to give up that dream. Maybe I haven’t really given it up yet, as I am still on my quest to learn everything I can to be self reliant. I guess what I am trying to say to you is that although I am not living my own dream right now, I am, through your writings and pictures. Your blog has touched me in a way no other blog has.

    Yes, Lady Suzanne, you are STUNNING. In ways you don’t even know. You shine like a star in the heavens.

    My heart may be pining for my home in North Florida, but it has found a second home here. Thank you for giving me hope again. May God bless you and your children and keep you safe in these troubled times.

  6. Jan Alexander says:

    Love all the pics. Your animals are GREAT, as are you. Was thinking about your chickens. Maybe you should rename your blog……… hmmmmm….. How about Chickens on the porch? LOL I so look forward to waking up and reading your blog. Good luck on the contest.

  7. trish says:

    Ok, you made me cry. lol
    I looove this blog.
    I could not believe how far ahead you were when I came home from work yesterday and checked the standing. Stunning is the right word for all the support coming you way.
    Not really surprising though. It is making us all feel good to be able to help you for a change.
    When you put something beautiful out into the universe (your blog) it comes back to you tenfold.
    Voted again today!

  8. Tracey In Paradise Pa. says:

    I do agree you are Stunning!! And how I loved your furry /feathered kids photos this morning!! Have a great weekend all!!

  9. Box Call says:

    Toph is right we have to keep the votes coming. Suzanne please keep the link in the story till the deadline expires. I am going to vote again now. I asked my facebook friends to do likewise.

  10. thunja says:

    the rooster pic is my fav. I have voted for you since the first day you asked and will continue to. go girl.

  11. Dayhiker says:

    Thanks for another great picture post, Suzanne! :wave:

    :snoopy: You’re way ahead now! Though it’s not over until it’s over I know you’ve picked up a lot of new readers judging from the number of friends who have responded to my emails and post for votes. And I don’t even have facebook or twitter!! :help: Off to go vote on the laptop…

    Oh, and I already have spicy pinto beans bubbling on the stove this morning! :hungry:

  12. KimL says:

    Absolutely beautiful pics and post! It is an honor to vote for you! :snoopy:

  13. JOJO says:

    It is raining love on Walton West Va this morning! I couldnt wait to check the voting this morning and watch the number increase as I cast my vote–I felt so powerful! All of us know you a winner. How special you are to us. You and your Family and critters are part of our life.
    Thank you Suzanne.


  14. Becky says:

    I think those fluffy butts are stunning, too. And that little black nose.
    Got you on Facebook and Twitter!

  15. Kelly says:

    Suzanne, YOU are stunning. Love your writing and have been reading your blog from almost the very beginning (from what I can tell), have commented a few times, but mainly been quiet as I said yesterday.

    Voting for you is the least I can do to thank you for this blog. Voting for your from every computer I have and work at, and putting you on my facebook, and telling everyone I know to visit your blog and vote for you!

    I have to tell you that one of my favorite posts was Ornery Angel. I really like it when you write about things like that! Thank you!

  16. amber says:

    :sun: Very STUNNING! you are over 1000 votes ahead! wow! way to go! off to facebook to urge all my friends to vote again!

  17. Heidi says:

    If you are even a little bit like your posts, and I have a feeling that you are exactly like what you post, YOU are what is stunning. You are caring, thoughtful, and love life. You have the heart of a dreamer and share that heart with us here. I would give up my morning cup of coffee before I would give up reading Chickens In The Road when I wake up.

  18. Joycee says:

    Oh how lucky you are to wake up to chickens and ducks and goats and all of the other animals that make up Chickens in the Road. Love my visit each day!

  19. Carol Ann says:

    Beautiful post today, Suzanne. I echo your sentiments, especially about the beauty of fluffy butts. :airkiss: On the farm where I live in West Virginia we also have cows, and I have to say that, unlike most other beautiful creatures, it’s not their butts that appeal to me. It’s their gorgeous faces and eyes. Everytime I walk or drive past one I say hello and tell them how beautiful they are.

  20. Chic says:

    Good Morning Suzanne! And good morning to everyone here! I read your ‘This Post Is Stunning’ just the other day…loved it! I have been reading all your old posts starting with the Old Farmhouse and then your new farmhouse and I couldn’t get enough. The things you had to go through to get water LOL…love how that ended!! Anyway I’m so happy to see that you are way ahead in the contest…I voted again this morning (have voted every day) and my husband said he’d vote every day too. We’ll keep it up as long as it takes to help you get this job…we LOVE starting our day with your Blog! :hungry2: (pitchfork!)

  21. CindyP says:

    Isn’t it amazing that ordinary splendor is stunning? I wish I would have realized that many years ago!! Many more are realizing it and you are helping us along the way.

    I absolutely love the first pic of the rooster on the porch!!

  22. Lish says:

    Talk about chokin’ up the readers for thing this morning!! I was thrilled when I voted this morning to see 1,385 vote LEAD! WOW!!! We’ll keep ’em coming though. You’re definitely heading to Phase II but we want such a huge margin that Sam-e has to look at who this awesome person is… Headin’ over to post on Facebook and Twitter. You are truly STUNNING Suzanne!!! (=

  23. JeannieB says:

    Girl, we all love you, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your life with us!

  24. Leah says:

    I’m stunned! Really, those photos are absolutely stunning! :smilerabbit:

  25. Maud says:

    The stun factor of simple things is truly astonishing! I love the pictures, the posts, and the attitude here.

    Vote early, vote often. Suzanne deserves this chance.

  26. Phyllis Wilson says:

    Suzanne, I don’t think I’ve ever voted on anything important on the Internet before but I VOTED FOR YOU-TWICE, yesterday and today and will continue to do so until the Nov. 6th deadline. GOOD LUCK. You deserve this.

  27. MJ Krech says:

    It was STUNNING to “be there” yesterday to watch you move into first place, when you flipped over to 8000 in the afternoon, and this morning when you moved to 9000! I plan to keep voting to assure your victory! You deserve this, Suzanne! I visit you every morning without fail because you always brighten my mood and get me ready for the office work day! Thanks so much for all you do for your readers! I’m so excited for you! :woof:

  28. Maggiemae says:

    Suzanne, Guess what! Of all things, I attended two county fairs and the first place I headed was to see the chickens! I took pics from my phone of those regal creations from God and texted them to my children, (who immediately texted me back with “?”)…..You have touched my heart and from reading the daily posts, you have certainly touched many others. Keep dazzling us with your wit and wisdom….(I’ll keep voting!)

  29. Victoria says:

    :snoopy: Voted and now must post: YOU made my day! When I read that you had lived in the suburbs and dreamed of the farm IT GAVE ME HOPE!!!! Thanks for sharing your chickens, ducks, dogs, donkey, goats, and most of all YOUR HEART! Ahhhh…I can face another day in the cement jungle! THANK YOU!

  30. NorthCountryGirl says:

    Life in the country is stunning! Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Just got done voting again and was glad to see you’re leading by 1500+ votes. YEAH! Go Suzanne!! We’re all behind you!

  31. jason says:

    I’ve RT’d the voting link so many times my friends are probably getting tired of it..but I don’t care. Hopefully they are voting, I’ve asked them as a personal favor! Even though I don’t know you personally, you are a fellow WV’n and WV’ns help each other! It indeed is a great day to be a Mountaineer! So glad to see the lead has grown to triple digits!

  32. IowaCowgirl says:

    You, Suzanne, are STUNNING!!!!

  33. Wendy says:

    YAY you’re number #1!!! :snoopy:

    Voted for you again Suzanne! Hubby will vote when he gets home from work. We’re pulling for ya! :yes:

  34. ginny says:

    Keep posting about the animals, especially the ducks. I have ducks as well and I just love them. After a day in the trenches, they calm me down. And keep posting “vote for me”

  35. Euni Moore says:

    Congratulations Suzanne on the amazing number of votes since yesterday. Voted on both our computers and asked all my facebook friends to join the Chickens in the Road family and vote for you. We love you too, Suzanne. :fairy:

  36. Ms E says:

    Hooray for Suzanne, let’s keep up the momentum and make her lead a landslide!!

  37. Darlene says:

    What a joy to read about all the fluffy butts today! I think the ducks decided to visit some relatives for a day and found out what a loving family they have right at home. They whispered all about it on the way home.

    are those tears in Boomer’s eye? His feelings hurt cause he doesn’t have a fluffy butt??

    This post will have me laughing all day long! Thanks Suzanne!!

  38. Nancy in Iowa says:

    I just keep reading and voting and chuckling and voting and reading and grinning and voting and laughing……

  39. Cathy J says:

    I am so excited for you! I am happy, like everyone else here, to be able to do something so small as click a vote button to help you (and repost it on our FACEBOOKS!) I wish there was more we could do. You have really blessed my life with your posts and the glimpse into your world.

    I think that rooster picture at the top should be submitted to a contest, too. It is really beautiful!

  40. Carol says:

    I always love the pictures of your animals (especially Clover and Annabelle). Boomer has such a sweet face.

    Do you still have the pigs?

  41. Dessa says:

    In my next life I want to come back as one of your animals. :sheepjump: Okey dokey?
    By the way, that was a simply stunning post… :happyflower:

  42. Maggie says:

    I have voted for you every day since your first posted about it on your site. Now I find my self checking several times a day just to watch your numbers rise! I think you will pass 10,000 votes today. Now that would be stunning!

  43. Melinda says:

    Your blog makes me feel good and that’s the point of the SAM-E blog I think. I can not think of any individual who deserves the honor more. Good luck and as a side note…every mother wants her child to be the best person they can possibly be…and I have thought often your mother must be very proud of the woman you have become because you are an awesome example lady.
    Take Care and again, best wishes…

  44. Jessica says:

    I posted your voting link on facebook yesterday, I hope some more people voted! You deserve the job. I love your blog, I love your critters. I don’t “know” you, but I like you anyways!

  45. Lisa says:

    I wish you would put up a pig picture once in a while. Don’t you like them? :pinkpig:

  46. Colleen says:

    I love your farm animals! What an awesome way to live life! I live in the country but I have nothing but two cats and a dog. I want farm animals! Maybe it’s time to change my life.

  47. Kim W says:

    I have to say that I’m so glad you’re here & writing your blog. I’ve enjoyed it for…gosh…2yrs, maybe? And today is just one of those sweet, simple, loving reasons why. Thank you.

    Blessings from Ohio…

  48. Val says:

    Suzanne, thanks are not needed for our votes. It’s US who want to thank YOU for all you bring to us each and every day, no matter what is going on in your life. I truly can’t imagine my day without your blog. My dh and I have and will continue to vote for you, and support you in every way we can.

  49. catslady says:

    Oh you are over 2,000 more votes in the lead :snoopy: And the feeling is mutual of course!!

  50. FarmgirlCyn (Cindy) says:

    Stunning photos. Stunning post. (I love that word!)

  51. Miss Becky says:

    hold fast to your dream and never ever ever let it die. I have put out the word on my facebook wall and voted for you every day that I have been on my computer. you have absolutely nothing to fear, the power of sisterhood is unequaled and this is a call to arms. I have no doubt whatsoever…

  52. Debnfla3 says:

    Stunning, just stunning!

    Your chickens look so happy. I have always loved chickens, I grew up with chickens. I love watching them scratch in the yard and do their little chicken singing as they go about their day.


  53. kristen says:

    So glad the ducks came back…and yes, they are stunning!

  54. Jo says:

    Let’s keep Suzanne so far ahead that anyone coming up the ladder behind her will just give up trying!! :happyflower: :shimmy:

    GORGEOUS animals, Suzanne.

  55. Cindy says:

    I have been reading your blog here in New Jersey for about a year now. I have never left a comment before this on any blog or site. Your blog has brought me so much enjoyment. I’ve voted for you every day for a week now and I’m so glad that in some small way I can do something for you.

  56. Sheila Bergeron says:

    I think you should get some turkeys and guineas—oh yeah! some geese too.

  57. Helen says:

    I was going to say that you are “lucky” to have so many wonderful, beautiful, stunning animals in you life, but then I said to myself, “wait a minute, she isn’t LUCKY…she’s EARNED those animals…she worked for them…and it took a ton of work, too, I imagine”. So, my hat is off to you, Suzanne. I am glad that you revel in your life, and in your animals, because you earned every stunning chicken, duck, donkey, sheep, goat, dog and cat. I myself was taught to have a very pessimistic outlook, so I come to your site every day to remind myself that a pessimistic outlook is just an attitude and not necessarily “true”…an outlook is something I can change. Reading about how you find splendor in the “ordinary” is very inspiring to me. Thanks tons for being who you are.

    p.s. I didn’t know I could vote every day, so I’ll just bop on over there and vote today…and tomorrow…and the next day… 🙂

  58. Jo says:

    :shimmy: :snoopy: :shimmy:

  59. Deborah R says:

    I voted for you again today, and am so glad to see you in the #1 spot.

    I can’t speak to anyone else’s reason for voting for you, but I vote for you because I think you’re a perfect fit for the job.

    I enjoy reading your blog – it’s one of only a few I try to visit every day. No one pays me to come here. I don’t know you. Yet you manage to draw me back again and again to read what you’ve written.

    And shoot, yes, I know how hard it is to ask for votes. I’m involved in a contest whose grand prize is enough money to modestly remodel my horrible kitchen. And I almost cry every time someone votes for me, but it still ties me in knots to ask. So I know.

    But you should ask anyway, because you’re right for the gig, and it’ll be a life-changing experience for you and your children (because, to begin with, it’s life-changing not to worry about money every day…and then there are the future possibilities that become that much nearer…).

  60. Patty says:

    WOW!!! I just went to see if I could vote for you again yet (nope won’t let me yet), but WOW! you have over 10,000 votes now! The 2nd place only has 7 thousand something. It’s just awesome!!! It’s so exciting!! :snoopy:

  61. SagaciousHillbilly says:

    That is a fine looking rooster. Looks like a cross between a leghorn and something else (is that color in the legs? maybe a little aracauna?). Do you have real dominicks?

  62. SkippyMom says:

    Yippeeee! That is awesome – you are almost 3,000 votes ahead – please post the link everyday as it helps [makes it easier] to vote – We are pulling for you [obviously!] and can’t wait ’till the end! Good luck!

  63. TXLady says:

    Good scores so far Suzanne…Everyday I vote and I send emails and do facebook and I have asked my friends at other forums to vote too…Good luck…My husband is praying that the Yankees win….I’m praying that you win…..

  64. momanna98 says:

    I have a couple of ducks and they are my favorite animals on the farm. We also have a few dominicars (sp?). We were told they were very friendly, but one of the roosters pecked my mother and my son. So, he may not live very long.

  65. Tina says:

    Yes, all your critters are stunning, and I’m so glad your ducks came home! By the way, don’t feel bad about asking for votes. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this job. And thank you for posting your “reminders” every day – otherwise, in spite of my good intentions, I would never remember to do it.

  66. JustAnotherJenny says:

    I love reading your blog (and all of the receipes!), but I do wish you’d let coco in the house. 🙂

    • Suzanne says:

      We have let her in the house at times (and she has let herself in, LOL) and she is like a bull in a china shop! She is so big. She is actually mostly in the goat yard with the goats doing her job. She has a house there.

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