Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice….


The two little black-and-white kittens are girls! I’m naming mine Sugar and my daughter is naming hers Spice!

The little gray one is a boy and he is HUGE. Secretly, I want to name him Fat Bastard, but I think not. That one is going to be my son’s kitten. I’d better let him name him…..something more appropriate. LOL. The little orange-and-white one is going to my cousin.

I’m going to make apple pies today and go walk four miles. It’s spring and it’s pretty pretty pretty out there!:yes: (I woke up at the real 6:30 today and got the little prankster up an hour early–we can play clock games both ways, you know!–and set her to work doing chores for an hour! And yet she remains unrepentant. “It was funny,” she says…..)


  1. Marcy says:

    I wonder what your son will come up with. LOL Your suggestion was good. :rotfl:

    I have to agree with both you and Morgan. It was funny, but if it had happened to me I’d have been seriously ticked.

  2. Sonja says:

    And that’s the sign of a true prankster. 🙂 Laughs through the punishment! You’ve got a hot one on your hands. Good luck through those teenage years. 😉

  3. Angie says:

    Too funny!! Listen, we know this really incredibly annoying man. He’s about 400 lbs and
    6 feet tall and sweats like nobody’s business. I mean, projectile sweat. And he always wants to be cooking something for someone, like at picnics and functions and stuff at church. He is so nasty, SO nasty! :yuck:
    I know I am going straight to hell in a handbag, but I nicknamed him Sweaty Fat Bastard…we just call him SFB for short.
    I told you I was going to hell….

    I like your kitty names. I am sure your son will think of a good one. You know how creative boys are! :rolleyes:

  4. catslady says:

    I love the names sugar and spice. You do better without our help:wink:

  5. Jennifer Yates says:

    I like your kitty names. We haven’t named the 4 new ones here yet (probably won’t since they are strays). They are all white (with a tiny speck of gray on one)…which is a bit odd. Their mother is brown and black striped, so they really stand out next to her. Like 4 little white mice.

  6. ruby55 says:

    Sugar and Spice sound like great names for the kittens you’re keeping. Did you and Morgan always want those two or did you decide now because they’re females?

    I guess Morgan’s trick was funny and you probably silently agree with her or will after all the adrenaline rush has worn off. I’d be seriously annoyed to have it happen to me. But then, I only use an alarm clock for appointments like doctors, dentists and other assorted professionals.

    Oh, Jennifer, don’t remind me of mice too much. I had a plague of them one year and the damage they did to my books, my clothes, my shelves is still visible–well most of the clothes are gone. And there I was watching them at first. Once I even watched one get another out of one of those live traps. I didn’t know that that was what was going on. But these critters are smart. The rescuer pulled the trap towards the rolling shelves on which I keep my printer and jammed the lid against the bottom shelf enough that the other mouse could escape. No wonder they use mice in intelligence or training tests.

    But I’ve moved now and I’ve got tons of boxes below me in the basement. I’ve heard gnawing on the pipes most of the winter. Apparantly they were rats. Now I’m too chicken to go down to see what type of damage they’ve wrought. :eek::yuck: and :rolleyes:

  7. Becki says:

    My husband adopted two kitties for our daughter’s birthday. See, the little sweetie gave ME chicken pox. Even though she had the shot, she came down with chicken pock. Just one spot, but the school nurse verified it to be chicken pox. Two weeks later, I was sick as a dog.

    Anyway, I wanted to name them Itchy and Scratchy. No. Thing One and Thing Two? No. The little boy is now Eliott (after the original writer of Cats) and Hermionie (after who else?)

    We have since adopted a stray. Doc. As in What’s up Doc?

  8. Tori Lennox says:

    The kittens are so cute!!! And I love the names Sugar and Spice!

  9. Carol says:

    What Tori said! :yes:

  10. Cynthia says: cute! My 5 year old has just decided he wants a white baby kitten for a pet, he wants it to be a girl kitty and he wants to name it Lydia. LOL.

  11. Amy K. says:

    I love your wicked sense of humor. :guitar:

  12. Fannie M Wiggins says:

    How cute. As you know, I don’t have pets so the naming thing is in the past.We had Fluffety the cat, Elsie the cat, BeBo the dog, Duffy the dog, Ruffian the dog and Sasha the dog. Nothing as simple as Sugar and Spice.:no: At least Morgan has a sense of humor and doesn’t seem unduly upset by having it backfire on her. That’s good.:yes: