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UPDATED! AGAIN! Winner announcement!

My children were off school today. (Why why whyyyyyy????) My husband and I don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. He isn’t a big *holiday* person. He thinks it’s a corporate conspiracy to make people spend money. Since he tells me he loves me every day of the year, I let him get away with that. 🙂 So I make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day with the kids. I made pancakes and bacon for them this morning and set out their cards and candy and presents. My younger son made a chess set entirely out of little pieces of notebook paper as a gift to me. (That was SO odd! Then he beat me because I couldn’t even tell which piece was what! Okay, he would have beaten me anyway…) I took them to Burger King for lunch because my daughter had a coupon for a free meal. Of course, to use the coupon I had to buy food for everyone. (Now THERE is a corporate conspiracy to get you to spend money, LOL!)

Now my daughter is making dinner for us as her gift. She’s going to serve it in the formal dining room, just me and her daddy, candlelight. She wanted to make hot dogs, but I think I’ve talked her out of that…..

The Valentine’s super prize winner will be announced at 6 pm Eastern time, which is approximately two hours from when I’m posting this. I’ll update this entry to include the winner’s name RIGHT HERE!

UPDATE: My sweetie came home with chocolate. He gave in to the corporate conspiracy! (He is such a softie! He knows I LOVE CHOCOLATE!) Daughter is cooking pork chops! (Whew. We dodged the hot dogs!) Names are on slips of paper in a big bowl and she is feeling VERY IMPORTANT that she gets to draw!

UPDATE AGAIN! Announcement! Valentine’s Super Prize Giveaway!

THE SUPER PRIZE: Autographed gift set of my medieval romantic trilogy, The Sword and the Ring. Includes My Lady Imposter, My Lady Runaway, and My Lady Knight. AND a half-dozen handmade, scented, heart-shaped soaps from Creations by Celestial. AND a huge heart-decorated mug with a cute Valentine’s bear! AND a six-pack of pink heart tealight candles! Woo hoo. Mug, bear, candles, soaps, AND three hot, hunky knights!!! (WHAT more could you want??? Okay, a million dollars, I can’t hep you there.)

Winner drawn by my daughter……….. Teresa H!!! Email me your address using the Email button on the left menu.

And if you didn’t win this week, stick around! You KNOW I will have more contests (I have some really cool plans involving PAX gear prizes–WHAT is PAX gear? ha, you will have to wait and see…..), more silly surprise giveaways for autographed books, and YES!!! More FLUFF!!!!! This is FLUFF CENTRAL!!!

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