The Eternal Question


WHAT are you wearing to the conference? Yeah, yeah, yeah, what time is your flight, do you have a layover, have you had your hair done yet, and what bar are we meeting in run tough competition, but at this point in the process, the weekend before the Big Event, it all comes down to one thing. The clothes. I went shopping yesterday.

This jacket is for the Ritas next Saturday night. I’ll wear it with a white blouse underneath and black pants. This is pretty much what I wore to the Ritas last year except that it was a different jacket. Last year I wore a long black jacket with a black blouse and black pants. I was stylin’. I looked like Batman.

This little black sparkly top is for the Harlequin party Friday night. I’ve learned from past experience to wear as little clothing as possible for the Harlequin party. I’ll kick my shoes off and dance for hours, and sweat is not a good look. I’ll wear it with black pants and a glass of chardonnay.

Here’s the whole haul from yesterday’s shopping–lots of shirts. I already have the black pants. :mrgreen: I pack light because I only bring a carry-on bag–I’ll bring several pairs of nice pants and switch out the blouses from day to night. I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses, and I’m not bringing any this year. I don’t like pantyhose, and dresses only beg the pantyhose question.:no:

Isn’t this one pretty?

I would be remiss not to mention shoes. Since I only fly with a carry-on, I’ll bring one pair of shoes. They aren’t even new. I’ve had these for a couple of years.

I haven’t told him yet that I’m going to be leaving town in a few days. He looked so relaxed, I hated to upset him.


  1. kacey says:

    Love, love the black sparkly top! And ONE pair of shoes. I am in awe…I’m bringing…well, let’s just say…more than one pair…:mrgreen:

    And I’l be sending a big suitcase through this year. Used to do the carry on thing, but now I’m too lazy to schlepp it through all the connecting flights required to fly into Reno. :fryingpan:

  2. Peggie says:

    oooh How do you fit all that in a carry on?
    I have a huge suitcase and a carry on and many pairs of shoes. I’m just not decisive enough:wall:

  3. Jill says:

    Ah, poor Buttercup!!! Cute clothes. I should mention i’ve done NOTHING. NOTHING at all yet for RWA. Someone shoot me now.

  4. Carol says:

    You are going to look great! :yes:
    I hate pantyhose, too!

  5. Toni Anderson says:

    Lovely haul of stuff Jill:mrgreen: No way I’d fit my gigantic load into carry-on. :rotfl:

    Must pack 😯

  6. Toni Anderson says:

    Ha Ha –Suzanne-I meant Suzanne!! I have my daughter on my lap and she’s distracting me:fryingpan:

  7. Estella Kissell says:

    I’m with you on the pantyhose and dresses:!:

  8. Suzanne says:

    I’ll be Jill, Toni! Then I’d be up for a Rita! You can call me Nora, too.:twisted:

  9. Jaq says:

    You are obviously a professional packer/traveller. One carry-on?! Lot the loot.

  10. Alyssa says:

    Wow, I love the clothes! That burgundy blouse is just beautiful!

  11. ValMarie says:

    You are obviously a women after my mother’s heart.

    My mother is a former Marine and I’ve definitely learned (had beaten in to me) all the rules for successful packing: roll, don’t fold the clothes. one or two pairs of shoes are best, but you never need more than three. pack separates. wear layers.

    I’m a master of the carry-on only trip.

    🙂 have fun in Reno! The tops are gorgeous.

  12. Mary says:

    Love the clothes. I’m packing today.

  13. Cheyenne McCray says:

    LOL, Can’t upset the cat!

    You’re SO organized. I haven’t decided what I’m going to wear yet. I keep bouncing back and forth from one thing to another. Maybe I’ll make up my mind by tomorrow? Hope to meet you there!

  14. Tori says:

    You made a great haul yesterday! Love the jacket and the sparkly top especially! :bananadance:

    And, yeah, I love it when I can travel with just the carry-on. Makes life SOOOO much easier.

  15. Joely says:

    Wow, you’re going to look fabulous!! I hope you have a wonderful time, and can’t wait to hear all your stories!!

  16. ruby55 says:

    Great haul, Suzanne. Very pretty. With my coloring, I’d have trouble wearing some of the things. I really like the jacket, but is it brown or black? You’ll look great. :yes:

    I learned to pack for any weather eventuality when I took a trip through Britain from Germany where we started out in 90F weather. We shivered in 60F in Britain and almost all of us had to break down and buy some warmer clothes.

  17. Crystal* says:

    Niiiiice clothes, woman. Very nice. And I’m sure you’ll have a great time. And I want to hear ALL about it when you come back.
    I must live vicariously through y’all. :yes:

  18. Suzanne says:

    The jacket is black. Everything is based on a black theme so that the shoes work. :hyper: Luckily for planning clothes for this trip, I will rarely leave the hotel’s air conditioning, so weather won’t be much of a factor. Good thing since it’s hot there!!

  19. Cheryl S. says:

    Pictures, Suzanne! We’ll be expecting lots and lots of pictures! The clothes all look great and I’m sure will look wonderful on you. You know, in the pictures you take for those of us left at home. 😆

  20. Kelly says:

    New or not, I love the shoes! Woo-hoo, dancing for hours sounds like a blast!

  21. Amy K. says:

    I’m doing the everything’s black theme as well, but crazy me, I’m bringing TWO pairs of shoes. :bananadance: And skirts and dresses and pants. Oh my.

    You’ll look fabulous!

    By the way, what are you doing telling me NO PANTYHOSE when you’re wearing PANTS??? :hissyfit:

  22. Lindsay says:

    Whatever you wear, may you be intrigued by the those you meet, inspired by what you hear, and come home to create *more* of the PAX League books…plus a single title where you make the absolute best use of your terrific, character-driven story ideas! That’s my wish for you.

    Happy trails…and be sure to share all the news here for the rest of us to know about, yes? (i.e., whose looking for what ‘cuz, gosh, I have no clue! 😮 )

  23. Gladys Paradowski says:

    Looks like you have put a lot of thought into your packing. You are smart to not pack too much, for that is the mistake that is so often made. Lugging heavy luggage around is not fun. I hopw you have a marvelous time and I am sure that you will. Enjoy!

  24. melissa marsh says:

    Wow, you are one organized gal! I don’t think I’d be able to fit everything in my carry-on, either, but I can see how wonderfully efficient it would be. No heavy bags to carry around and that way, you’ll have lots of room for all the goodies you’ll be bringing home.