time to play!


Yay! Many changes have already taken place on my site. If you’ll check out the sidebar, there are lots of new additions and some things to come soon, like my new photoblog, a PAX gear shop, and my sister’s new website!

New things that are already in place include my new Bio page! My old Bio was written back when I sold my first book thirteen years ago. It was high time for a new one! Check it out here . On my Books page, I finally got the missing covers scanned, so all the covers of my published books are now up here (scroll down).

And the back cover copy for Cole Dempsey’s Back in Town is here .

Still to come this week: an all-new Extras page that includes foreign covers, and all the new content for the PAX site.

For now–let’s PLAY! As I said a few days ago, my website is my toy, my pet. My pet wants to play!!! 😀

Answer these four questions (and be the FIRST!!!! to answer ALL FOUR correctly–yes, it pays to surf by my blog!). Be first with all four correct answers and you’ll win your choice from my backlist. The answers can be found on the newly updated pages I’ve mentioned in this post.

1) Name one of the books I wrote under my maiden name, Suzanne Dye.
2) Why am I crying in my baby photo?
3) What is the name of my sister’s new website?
4) What is the name of the town where COLE DEMPSEY’S BACK IN TOWN is set?

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