Today’s Special


To Spice’s delight, the bird feeders are back in the tree. The very bad, no good raccoon who was tearing down and stomping on my feeders seems to have moved on.

Just in time. My cousin’s mother gave me a cookbook the other day. I flipped it open, and I swear, the book fell open on this recipe. I just about fell off the couch.


1 medium raccoon
salt and pepper
red pepper to taste
2 or 3 sliced onions

Clean coon. Soak in salted water or vinegar overnight or longer. Remove coon, wipe dry. Cover with a coating of red pepper and water made into a paste. Place in a 350 degree oven for three hours. When coon is tender, remove from oven and remove coating of red pepper. Salt and pepper to taste, cover with sliced onions, placing onions in cavity. Bake for an additional one hour or until tender. Be sure to place on rack with drip pan to catch all of the fat. Serve with sweet potatoes.

Who knew sweet potatoes went with roasted raccoon?


  1. Michelle Willingham says:

    Ewwww! There are some things that I just can’t eat, and raccoon would be among them. It’s too much like a rodent. :no:

  2. Kim A. says:

    Spice is a gorgeous feline!

    Uh, we lived on moose meat through the winters, growing up, but I can’t say I have ever had raccoon. And I don’t want to! LOL.

    Have a good, productive day, Suzanne, and thanks again for “Blood Calls.”

    -Kim :catmeow:

  3. Mary Dunton says:

    :fryingpan: All I can say is, “YUCK!” :hungry:

  4. leanne says:

    Oh gross!!!! 😮 I’ve heard of people eating oppossum, but raccoon? I’d have to be starving and lost in the woods to even consider that meal. Good for Spice though. If she’s anything like my cats they make it their life mission to sit under our feeder and take out any and all birds and squirrels that dare try to feed. :hungry: Hope everyone has a great day today.

    LeAnne :purr:

  5. Susan says:

    The raccoon must of had a premonition and decided not to risk staying around! 😆

  6. mary beth says:

    ew, ew, ew, ewwwww!!!! I’ll never look at sweet potatoes the same way again.

  7. Alice Audrey says:

    I don’t know. You have to go to that much work to cook something and you can bet it’ll taste gamey.


  8. Marianne says:

    I may be needing that recipe soon… something is in my backyard. Got a good recipe for bear?

  9. Ellen says:

    Perhaps you can have a “free Coon dinner” draw. :hungry:

    Seriously, I wonder if people started eating them out of vengence rather than hunger (I’m guessing they’re not exactly yummy eats). Like Mr. McGregor who baked Peter Rabbit’s dad into a pie in retaliation for the garden destruction.

  10. Tori Lennox says:

    I have to say I’ve never had any desire to try raccooon. :no:

  11. Lis says:

    I think I can safely add that to the list of food I don’t ever want to try. :mrgreen:

  12. Brandy says:

    Ewwwww, gross! Uh-uh, no way! They may be a pain in the patootie, but I refuse to eat anything with fur.

  13. Gabrielle says:

    I just *adore* your cats, they have that very happy look of well-loved cats.

  14. Maddie says:

    Well, ya know, coon, pig, deer, cow, it’s all the same,hmm?? I need the occasional hamburger,myself, so I am no saint, still, I don’t like KNOWING my meat (as in farming) and I try HARD to eat it only once a week till I can give it up forever..