We’re Hoping For An “A”


I took this picture to prove that he really DID do something for his leaf project. He had to get 40 leaves from native West Virginia trees for his West Virginia history class. Yeah. Okay. So this is one of those projects that teachers assign parents……

Luckily, the Leaf Queen, cousin Georgia, was on the job!!!

Me and Georgia are really hoping for a 100……


You ever do that? “Help” with your kids’ big school projects? How much is TOO much help?

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Watch for Halloween Treat #2 this coming Friday! :yes:


  1. Toni Anderson says:

    I’d love to know all my trees. I’ve always been more of a fauna person 🙂 Helping is good, unless he’s training to be a doctor 😉

  2. Marcy says:

    Thank goodness for cousin Georgia. LOL

    I sometimes feel like I’ve gone back to school instead of my guys.

  3. Melissa says:

    Congrats Cryna!

    This reminds me of when my Mom had to help me collect wildflowers and bugs for school projects.

  4. Estella says:

    I helped my kids with big projects, but only helped. They had to do the cataloging and writing.

  5. TeresaH says:

    OMG I can hardly read this anymore, it blinds me!:no:

  6. Karen E says:

    Ugh some of these assignments they give the kids ARE really for the parents.

    Though lately my 12 yr old’s projects have been relatively low key – for me, at least. 🙂

  7. catslady says:

    conrats cryna

    Most of my help was in grade school. After that they had to do it on their own pretty much and did. Science fairs were the worst. I swear parents did 90% of those projects.

  8. Crystal* says:

    Oh yeah.
    Let’s see. *ticking off fingers*
    I’ve learned WAY more than I needed to about Madagascar and Turkmenistan. And I’m currently in the process of acquiring info about the United Kingdom and Nepal.
    Ain’t it grand? :fryingpan:

  9. Pat L. says:

    I am nowhere near ready for Halloween. I buy my candy the last minute. We hardly have anyone come by.

    Count me in for the contest please.:lol:

  10. Christa says:

    Congrats Cryna.

    One of my son’s project is to take picture of like 150 trees. Since I took the course about 5 years ago I could tell him where to find trees with labels on them so he has the right species. But when I took the course we had to get samples and mount them. The samples had to include the leaf, stem and bud. I will help to guide him but he has to do the work. I told him he better hurry because there were not going to be any leaves on the trees soon.

  11. Cryna says:

    Thank you for the Congrats

    I can remember so many projects that my kids had, that like you say was more like an assignment for parents……

  12. Susan says:

    Congrats Cryna!

    My mom always was the one to help my sister and me with projects. She thought the teachers were punishing her for assignments she missed when she was in school!:rotfl: