woo woo


So I leave later than usual yesterday to pick up my kids from school. I pick up my daughter at School #1. We’re on the way to School #2 to pick up my oldest son (younger son is home puking in the kitchen sink). I look at the clock in the car. I left ten minutes late for School #1 and yet somehow I am five minutes early to School #2.

I said to my daughter, “I left late but we’re here early. How did that happen?”

She said, without skipping a beat, “Easy. You control time!”

By Jove, she’s right. What other explanation can there be? I’M LIKE A FREAKING PAX AGENT.

FYI, last night she suggested that she looks “too good for the bus” now. This is the latest scheme directed at getting out of school based on blinding beauty.

busbeauty (8k image)

I have decided that I am too beautiful for toilet cleaning. (Apparently this can work because she did talk her daddy into driving her to school today. They usually take the bus in the mornings!)

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