A Handsome Lad


Yesterday, I took Weston to Wal-Mart (because we are so sophisticated here) to buy proper clothes for an upcoming semi-formal school dance. He knows his size, so he didn’t try anything on at the store, but he gave everything a test run after we got home. I told him he looked so sharp, I wanted to take his picture. He said, no, then he came back after a few minutes and said he would let me take his picture. Taking a photograph around here is tantamount to permission to post it on my blog–unless we make a signed and notarized contractual agreement otherwise. (Just kidding. Well. I make deals with him to take his picture sometimes and promise not to put it on my blog–and I don’t. Other times, he lets me take a picture without making the deal. Yesterday, he didn’t make me make the deal. Amazing!) He is such a good-looking, smart, funny, wonderful boy, so I like to show him off when he lets me. He is shy, so I rarely post pictures of him in respect of his feelings and never if I’ve promised not to. What was also amazing yesterday was that I made an offhand comment about my blog being hacked, and he said, “I know.” I said, “YOU READ MY BLOG?!” I was so excited!!! WESTON READS MY BLOG!!

Anyway, here is my six-foot-tall fine football playin’ boy. (Cat draped around his ankles. Weston LOVES cats and cats LOVE him.)
Whoever that girl is that he’s meeting up with at the dance (he won’t tell me), she is ONE LUCKY GIRL. This one here, he’s one of the good ones.


  1. Cheryl says:

    Suzanne, you gotta right to be a proud Mama! Boy, they grow up fast!

  2. Debbie in Memphis says:

    He looks so handsome!! So so true, how quickly they grow up!

  3. CiCi says:

    Just discovered your great site recently and enjoy all the wonderful work you put into it. Weston’s handsome photos got me registered and posting for the 1st time. He sure is a handsome guy and we need more “good ones” in this world! Have a good time at the dance Weston!

  4. JOJO says:

    He is so handsome–think of the beautiful grand babies! Just sayin—

  5. Snapper says:

    He’s very handsome…in a grown up sort of way if that makes sense. Very strong features.
    Have fun at the dance when it’s time!

  6. Tracey In Paradise,Pa. says:

    :sun: How handsome!! And blessed you are!! My baby boy turned 18 today!! Where does the time go? Just yesterday he was my little boy. This morning I told him he would always be my baby. He smiled.
    Have a great weekend!!
    Granny Trace’ :sun:

  7. CindyP says:

    Very handsome man! He’s growing up, mom. He must be….he’s letting you take his picture AND post it, and reads your blog!

  8. carol says:

    Wow….he’s a handsome guy all right but there’s a light in him and you can see it shining from a mile away. Yep…one of the BEST ones, Suzanne. The world is lucky to have him.

  9. Sarah says:

    Obviously a very proud Mama! He is very handsome. I just know that I am going to blink and my 3 year old is going to be that size.

  10. Carmen Smith says:

    What a very handsome young man:) My son reads my blog on occasion just to see if I’ve wrote anything about HIM,LOL!!!

  11. NorthCountryGirl says:

    What a handsome young man! Suzanne, you are so lucky. PS: Weston: So are you to have such a talented and wonderful Mom.

  12. Charlene says:

    He is indeed a very handsome young man! I don’t have to tell you to cherish your precious time together before he leaves the nest, but even so, Suzanne, as a mother of two adult sons who are out on their own now, it passes all too quickly. Give him an extra squeeze for me today.

  13. Judy@daily yarns says:

    You have a handsome man there. My kids read my blog too and my youngest on occasion will let me post a picture of her. I hope he has a great time at the dance.

  14. Angelia May says:

    He is a cutie, looks sharp! Wonderful smile 🙂

  15. Oklahoma Granny says:

    Your son is one handsome young man. The girl he is meeting at the dance is one lucky girl!

  16. Debnfla3 says:

    Wow! Weston has a smile that can light up the whole room! The girl that snags him is going to be one lucky gal!!!! Thank goodness there are still good ones in this world…you did good Suzanne!!

    Have a wonderful time at the dance Weston.


  17. Kristen says:

    Re: your son reading your blog, I found out at Thanksgiving that my GRANDMA reads mine! Surprised the heck outta me, since I never told her I had one, and didn’t know she was familiar with the blogosphere. :shocked:

  18. Liz in Wis says:

    Weston, have fun at the dance, BE SAFE!

  19. Claudia says:

    Weston, you are looking sharp dude! Hope you have a fun time!

  20. Michele says:

    You must be so proud of him. I have a son the same age that I love so much. Looks sharp! :purpleflower:

  21. Barbee' says:

    Oh, WOW! He cleans up beautifully! Of course, you want to show him off seeings how nice he looks. (Thanks for your patience with your mom and all of us, Weston. I hope you have a fun time at the dance.)

  22. SuseM says:

    Please tell Weston “thank you” for allowing you to take a picture and for letting it be posted on CITR. Suzanne, you have a very handsome young man there. :happyflower:

  23. Bertie says:

    Wow, what a handsome young man! Can’t wait to see a picture of him in a uniform, he’s gonna make his mamma cry!

  24. Su says:

    He’s a very handsome guy, and you can see just looking at his eyes that he’s as good as he looks.

  25. herbandolive says:

    My boys are only 3 and 6; I can’t imagine the day when I’ll have handsome strapping young men living in my house and not little snot nosed punks!

  26. Darlene says:

    When I first saw the picture I also thought it was Ross. Thanks Weston for sharing your mom and this little slice of your life. Have a grand time at the dance!

  27. Angea says:

    SOOO handsome! I know you are very proud!

  28. Valerie says:

    What a handsome young man! You must be so proud of ALL your children. Have a great time at the dance Weston!

  29. 5kathleen2 says:

    Gosh he is good looking! Lucky girl. Enjoy them while they are at home. Both of mine are grown and on their own. My daughter moved to New York City after college. She loves it there. Has a great job as a promotions director for a well known magazine. Very proud of her! My son lives in Sydney Australia. He moved there after college and has a great job also. Loves Australia. Too expensive for me to visit this year and he can’t afford to come home either. Thank goodness for email and telephone calling cards!!! My daughter will be home along with my parents so we will have a great time! Merry Christmas to you and your daughter and sons :snowman: :snowman: :snowman:

  30. Sue says:

    I’m surprised you got warning that he needed clothes. Mine (senior, football/baseball, not-picture taker)usually waits until the night before. When I’m in bed. And have to go to work the next morning. Aaaand, you got a smile. Must be like Christmas! Know the whole girl thing, too. I had to e-mail my son’s friends so I could find out who he was taking and what she was wearing to the junior prom. (What, I have to give her flowers?) Aren’t they fun?

  31. Blessings says:

    You have a very nice looking son whom I hope enjoys his dance/date.

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