A Head for Cover


At night in my bedroom, Gwennie almost always sleeps with her head under my dresser. This looks really uncomfortable and claustrophobic!


  1. Dbunny says:

    My beloved 85 pound German Shepherd was a doll to everyone, but terrified of the vet. When we’d go back to the examination room, she’d always put her head under the metal tube legs of the doctor’s stool. It offered her zero camouflage for her head, and of course her big butt was hanging out and perfectly accessible for shots, so I don’t know what this otherwise very intelligent dog thought she was going to accomplish. 🙂

  2. ibpallets (Sharon B.) says:

    That’s sweet! My Freya Belle’ does the same thing. I guess if she can’t see us, she thinks we can’t see her? LOL :happyflower:

  3. beforethedawn says:

    LOL cute picture! Our pyr sometimes sleeps with his head under our bed. He also loves to sleep in our bathroom shower.

  4. Barbee says:

    Maybe nice and dark under there? Cute!

  5. knititblack says:

    That’s hilarious! Our dog sleeps fairly normally, but our cat likes to sleep on her back with her front paws curled under her chin and her back paws splayed out. It’s always really funny to see her like that!

  6. wanda1950 says:

    My cat loves to play chase with me. She “thinks” she’s hidden in lots of cute & funny places–a shoe, the broom, etc. I go along with it, though & she pounces out & takes off when I get near enough. I wonder if she thinks I am a cat, too.

  7. brookdale says:

    Maybe she would put her whole self under there if she could! Cute pic.

  8. fowlers says:

    Whelp,,,,if he cant see you:::you cant see him:::lol,,,,to funny! guess he needed some shade, privacy, quiet time, hee hee

  9. fowlers says:

    shoot,,,,I know that she is not a he????Where was my brain today??? not where it should be????lol,,,,,sorry Gwennie::: I had a blond moment:::hahahahaa

  10. denny144 says:

    Our Aussie does the same thing with her butt. She scoots around until she has it under the bed. Which means, of course, that when she gets up during the night to make sure her sheep (us) are safe from the wolves, she bumps the bed and wakes us up

  11. Journey11 says:

    My pibble sleeps under my daughter’s bed. I’m pretty sure she is hiding. Yeah, real fierce! 😉

  12. whaledancer says:

    She’s found a cave/den to sleep in; unfortunately, it’s a little small so that some of her sticks out. :happypuppy: One person’s claustrophobic is another person’s cozy.

  13. MissPat says:

    I think your reading light disturbs her 🙂

  14. Rainn says:

    Some days we all feel like that!!!!

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