A Long Wait


Casper, poor fellow, wondering where Coco went again.

Coco gimped around on three legs trying to get away from me this morning when I wanted to put the harness on her, but when Morgan came downstairs she just plopped on her back and said, “Put it on!” Ornery dog. We didn’t have to wrangle her too much to get her into the car, so that was a nice surprise. The most difficult part was hefting her up into it. Once Coco gets in a vehicle, she acts like she’s having a great time. It’s the getting in part that she’s not too keen on. (I’ve had to RESCHEDULE vet appointments for Coco in the past because of inability to get her in the car at the appointed hour.) The only vet in the county was not in his office here today, and the next closest vet office wasn’t answering the phone, so I took her all the way to the city. I didn’t want to wait another day for her to start receiving care. They did an x-ray first thing, and the good news is that there is no broken bone, not even a tiny crack or fracture. She’s in good health all around and quite fine except for the wound on her leg. The bad news is that they wouldn’t let me take her back home today. The wound is too big to stitch, and will need daily fresh bandaging and skilled attention to monitor it as it’s healing.

After losing her for nearly a week, to have to turn around and leave her at the vet was really hard. She will have to stay for a minimum of one week and possibly up to three weeks. A long wait, after only one day of having her back. I have to remind myself that at least I know where she is. (And we can visit her!)

Some people who had missed it asked for the links–Coco Goes Missing (A Crushing Event), and Coco Comes Home (A Miracle).


  1. kelly jo kirby says:

    I am glad to hear that she will be ok. I kept checking your site all day to see if there was an update on her conditon. My cat got hit by a car once and had to spend the week in the hospital. I went to see her every day and hold her and cry my eyes out. I kept telling her I was sorry. I know that you probably could not go see her every day but maybe you could go once in a while and bring her something from home that would remind her of home. I hope that the time flies by for you. I know that you will miss her.

  2. cindyinohio says:

    Oh how hard to have to leave her at the vet’s office but it is all for the good. I’m still on a “Coco came home: high. My two great pyr’s probably think I’ve gone nuts with all the extra lectures they are getting about staying away from cars and not running off. So happy for you and Morgan (and Casper and the rest of the crew too!).

  3. NancyD in NH says:

    I am glad that the outcome is more positive than broken bones, hips, or worse. I have been checking constantly and relieved though feel badly for you that you have to leave her there.

    On a happier note, the kickstarter is looking good!

    Nancy D in NH

  4. Rose H says:

    Thank goodness no broken bones, but a week at the vets :bugeyed: – I agree with Kelly jo that Coco will need something from home to give comfort. :hug:

  5. Old Geezer says:

    So, even the “cone of shame” wouldn’t work? Our dog (now long deceased) once got shot in the back leg by a BB gun and had to wear one for two weeks. Well, all for the best I guess. At least she’s “home.”

    But ask the doc about the cone. And … could she be possibly moved to a closer vet for the period of convalescence?

    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      No, the cone won’t let her come home. It’s not so much that they’re afraid of her worrying at the wound but that her wound needs daily rebandaging and inspection, professionally, to monitor her. I asked if there was any way I could take her home and tend her and they were very adamant that for her wound to heal properly, it needed to be monitored. If an infection started up and I didn’t realize it right away, it would be very bad. It’s a large open wound that can’t be stitched, so I think that is the reason for the big concern.

  6. 4jsMOM says:

    So glad to hear this good news. Staying in the hospital will be hard, but much better than a broken bone. Now I can relax and stop spending all my time worrying about Coco, Suzanne and Morgan. I hope by this time next week everyone will be doing much better. WE CARE!!

  7. Joell says:

    Thank God the news was as good as it is, it could have been much worse, it is difficult to leave her I know, but as you said, at least you know where she is, a lot more than you knew last week, the main thing is that her leg will heal and she will come home to you healthy. Lets hope and pray that her stay wilth the vet will be on the shorter end of the spectrum.

  8. BuckeyeGirl says:

    They know, I mean REALLY KNOW that she’s totally likely to take off to get back to her goats and sheep and you if she gets even half a chance right? EVERYONE there KNOWS right?

  9. Rainla says:

    Whoa – the look on Casper’s face just pretty much sums it up. Definitely some good news, bad news, but I am just so thankful that she is back. I have been thinking and praying about her since first reading about what happened. When I read the miracle post I started crying! I feel like I know your animals and I love Pyrs. (There is a Great Pyr. rescue in our area. They are special “Giant Puppies”)

    My take on this is that since any infection has had 5 days to get started they really want to make sure that they can react quickly if there are changes. I know you all cannot wait for her to come home!!!

  10. tractor57 says:

    So glad to hear the injuries aren’t more. Hoping CoCo gets back home with her goats, sheep and people soon!

  11. Diane says:

    Poor Casper he does not know what is going on. Poor Coco in a strange place with strange people. But she is getting good care and will be as good as new in no time. At least you can visit. I know I would be there everyday if it was me. 🙂 HUGS to you.

  12. Sheryl says:

    Suzanne, over a year ago, my husband had a sepsis infection in his back-it was a a huge gaping wound after surgery, so he landed up in a rehab facility-it was that bad. They couldn’t close the wound after surgery, and they used a wound vac attatched to his back. It appears this is a common practice with humans and animals-leaving substantial wounds open. Did they start her on antibiotics just in case? My husband is still on two oral antibiotics after a year of visiting nurses at home with IVs daily-monthly blood work shows that he still has an infection somewhere…

  13. mollyclaire says:

    So glad to hear that Coco is going to be okay…. sad that she can’t come home. 🙁 When you go to visit, take something old that has your smell on it (an old shirt or nightgown) to put in the cage with her. It is soothing for them to have your smell with them. Please hug Coco for me too when you see her!

  14. wildcat says:

    So happy to hear that Coco is going to be OK! I know it had to be hard for you to leave her at the vet’s. But on the bright side, you know where she is, and you know she’s in good hands.

    Hopefully she won’t get too used to being waited on hand and foot. Otherwise she will come home wearing a tiara and demanding cookies, like someone else we know, whose name also coincidentally begins with the letter C. :shocked:

  15. yvonnem says:

    Sorry you had to leave her at the vet, but it’s good that they will be keeping such a close eye on her. One to three weeks though, oh my gosh…we might have to start a “Coco Fund”! :bugeyed:

  16. BendyWendy says:

    Please make an appointment with your regular vet and let THEM decide if she needs to stay ‘in house’ for monitoring or whether she can go home with you. I once had a cat that a vet told me I should put down because of her wounds. I told them absolutely not and took her home and tended to her myself and she lived to be 18!!! She had a port in her leg that I had to flush water through daily to keep it clean. It was absolutely disgusting, but I did it without qualm because I loved her. Some vets just want your money.

    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      BendyWendy, I know what you mean, but I’ve seen her wound and I do agree with them. I hated to leave her there, but I want her to heal right with good care. (I’d feel TERRIBLE if I missed a sign of infection starting up.) I’m hoping it will just be a week! They’re only charging boarding for each day, not the higher hospitalization, because she will only need the fresh bandaging and inspection of the wound each day, not real hospitalization care. But I can’t bring her to the vet every day for that–it would cost me as much in gas every day back and forth as to leave her there, and it would be hard on her. (My regular vet is actually just as far away now that we’ve moved, and they can’t provide 7 day a week care.)

  17. rileysmom says:

    What a tough day…week ….and another week! But, you are doing right by Coco. Who knows what germs could be lurking in the wound. I think you deserve a glass of wine; surely the worst is over!

  18. doodlebugroad says:

    No doubt Coco is looking forward to a spectacular homecoming… Once again!

  19. perry says:

    I am glad that Coco came home. I am sorry she is in such sad shape, but I would suggest you just bite the bullet and let her stay there as long as is necessary. At least she will be rather confined and will have a chance to heal correctly.

  20. bonita says:

    Double drat. Hopefully Coco will be so bored that she will spend all her time sleeping and getting better, fast. Most likely the vet techs and others at the AH will give her the best care possible.
    I agree @ sepsis…got it once, it progressed because of an antibiotic allergy. Cleaning the wound was excruciating…it eventually needed a skin graft. AAARGH. You’re best bet now is to figure out a visitation scheme.

  21. ingrid66 says:

    Well, at least she’s in good hands. :happypuppy:

  22. MrsB says:

    Hope you go visit her a LOT – they get lonesome – and if they will let you bring tee shirts that you and Morgan sleep in to put in her cage – do it….it will bring much comfort to Miss Coco.

    The time will pass quickly. My cat had his hip torn out of socket and hock damaged by a critter – he spent 3 weeks at the LSU Vet School – my old slept in tee shirts helped.

    I am SO glad this has turned out so well.

  23. Eva says:

    Dear friend I know and don’t know….you be workin’ for the vet for awhile! The animals are worth it! In most cases a good dog is worth three men.

    So glad for the recovery!

  24. kbryan says:

    Oh, what a relief, just like everyone else, I was sick about her being hurt. I hope she makes a 100% recovery, poor baby.

    If you want to start a “Chipin” to help pay for her vet bill, I would be glad to contribute.

    Give her a big hug from all of us!

  25. VictorianGirl says:

    Poor Casper looks so sad without his buddy. Please be sure to give him a lot of attention and extra hugs. I know it’s hard to leave CoCo at the vet’s office and it’s heartbreaking to walk away and go home without them. Over the past couple of months we have had our cat Honey at the vet several times and have had to leave him there for tests. The diagnosis was a malignant mass in his colon which spread to the lymph nodes and a tumor on his kidney. So far with medication and lots of tender loving care and prayers we still have him and he seems to be doing okay and not in any pain or discomfort. I’ll be sure to include CoCo in my prayers for a speedy recovery so you can bring him home soon.

  26. Ms.Becky says:

    oh poor baby – Casper. He’s going to need some extra lovin’. It sounds like a wise decision leaving Coco in expert hands. She’ll get the care she needs and less worry that way. I hope she heals well and quickly. :airkiss:

  27. Julia says:

    Reading between the lines, it sounds like her wound is not infected now, but they are being very cautious and protective. That’s so good! That makes me think the enforced isolation might be over in a week. Hope so!

  28. lavenderblue says:

    Oh, poor sweet baby! I don’t really know who that was directed to, you, Morgan, Coco or Casper. Maybe it should be “Oh, poor sweet babies!” What a shame. Of course, being the suspicious sort, my first thought was that the vet wants $$$$. But I have not seen Coco’s wound, either and you are the animal wrangler. I wouldn’t want to take a chance on Coco not healing properly either.

    Maybe Coco will heal more quickly that expected. If it makes you feel any better, my husband claims that because animals have no sense of time, it doesn’t matter if they are at the vet’s for a day or a year. They just are happy to see their people whenever they can.

    Great photo of Casper, by the way. That expression says it all.

  29. CarrieJ says:

    :snoopy: A week sounds reasonable. I would look at it myself after a week because you know she is going to heal quicker and be more comfortable at home. Sounds deep though..and gross! I wonder if they have to irrigate it daily. Anything other than that, I could handle at home. I even have the setup to give subcu fluids to my cats. As long as you can keep her in and quiet. I had to bust my cat out of the vet once. He was in there for a week..sick with no idea of what was wrong. They were waiting for him to give them a “sample”..I’m like just take it from him. It’s not like you’re stealing or anything. I finally couldn’t take it, brought him home and he peed as I was getting him out of his crate. But, I knew it was coming and had a cup ready. Then dropped that sample off to his new vet who pronounced him with a hefty UTI. The new vet said they would NEVER have made him suffer that long and promptly put him on antibiotics. Now I know he’s prone to it (had several since then and he starts acting wierd) so I just go get the antibiotics and chase him down every night for 10 days. No muss, no fuss.

  30. broncobetsy says:

    So so glad to hear the good news….even though the vet might not be the most expensive in the area, would there still be any way to make a contribution for her care?

  31. whaledancer says:

    More good news, that there are no broken bones and the wound’s not infected. But poor Coco! 😥 I feel so sorry that she has to be away from home when she’d just found her way back. Poor baby.

  32. oneoldgoat says:

    :sheepjump: That photo of Casper just says it all! Alls right with the world now that Coco has been found (even if the giant pup is convolescing (sp) at the vets!


  33. doubletroublegen says:

    So happy you have found Coco and she is getting the attention she needs. Our hearts were so sad reading the post on her being hit and our hearts ached reading about your search for her. Don’t let this get you down, I know it has been challenging with the other events on the farm. Remember you are such an inspiration to many women! :heart:

  34. lifeisgood/ Melinda says:

    I am so glad Coco came home and I fully understand your decision to take her to the vet and have her stay there until she is “fit as a fiddle.”

    I have several dogs, cats, and assorted barnyard critters and thankfully the only ones that have ever needed to be doctored (other than worming, etc) have been the dogs. I once had two male dogs who were the sweetest things but would fight each other until one was chewed to bits. (I kept them separated but you know how well that goes with dogs). Since I had no extra money and the vets here won’t bill you, I always had to do the doctoring myself. One of them died last year at the age of ten and the other one is fifteen and still going strong so I guess I did okay. I TOTALLY understand wanting to give Coco the best situation in which to recover. Antibiotics, a little rest, and daily wound care will get her home in no time! (And in all honesty…..tending to wounded dogs is time consuming, nerve wracking, and you always have to wonder if you missed something so I think you made the responsible choice and I am glad the vet is reasonable!)

  35. NancyL says:

    This is really great news! The vets I’ve seen over the years for cats and dogs (and a guinea pig and hamster!) were quick to show me how to care for a wound if they felt I could do it at home. But given the vastness of the wound you’ve described (and my imagination really went wild), I’m really glad he insisted on keeping Coco for constant, professional care. She’s in good hands now! And you, Morgan and Casper will be waiting with even more care and love when she returns home.

  36. Dawn says:

    so glad Cocoa made it home – we lost a dog – a basenji at an accident site years ago and it breaks my heart that we never found her or what happened to her – I am in Canada but a faithful reader of this site for years now – disabled, I sit here and make jewelry for therepy (saves my sanity) – hearing about possibly three weeks – that vet bill will be high and I can’t send funds but I could donate jewelry – if anyone is having a fund raiser for Susan and Cocoa I would gladly send items for you to sell or if someone wants to see what I make (photos on line) I will send info and proceeds will go to Susan to use for Cocos vet bill. db

  37. Sheila Z says:

    Casper looks unhappy about the whole situation. He is going to be one happy pup when his Coco comes home again.

  38. amyg says:

    I’m just so relieved you found Coco!!! I’ve been sick but I’ve been checking as often as I could. I kind of slept through yesterday. Never mind. Yay!!! So sorry she’s injured but Yay! Much love, Amy

    • Suzanne McMinn says:

      It IS going to be a high (and unplanned) bill, but I will be okay. They are letting me do a payment plan, which breaks it down into tolerable amounts over a period of time. (I was surprised and relieved. I didn’t know vets did payment plans. Too bad plumbers don’t do payment plans, LOL.) I’m hoping I can break her out after a week, which will help, but it depends on her progress. In the end, I want her leg to heal correctly and be strong again, so I have to resist my selfish desire to snatch her home if she’s not ready.

  39. Miss Judy says:

    My son had to leave his basset,Matt, at the vet’s for a long time after being run over by a car. When he would go to visit Matt would turn his head and not look at him. He was so pitiful looking they tought he wasn’t going to recover. The vet said that dog was the biggest faker he had ever seen. He put on a good show for his master! He did make a full recovery and came home to once again tease the sheep and mule (from the safe side of the fence.)
    Hope Coco gets home soon. Sounds like she is in good hands.Our pets sure can wrap themselves around our hearts!

  40. Sonia says:

    I am so in love with that picture of Casper. His expression is priceless!!

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