A Rainy Day Success


It’s been raining all day and the culvert is NOT FLOODED. For a change!

Besides my personal convenience during daily chores, straightening up the culvert so that it wouldn’t make a pond every time it rains was important in order to start doing business out here. I don’t think people would enjoy the conditions very much as they were. This is the first real good rain test since the work was done. On the downside, the rain has put off my “coop d’etat” on the chickens as chickens don’t cooperate very well in the rain.

In other news, you know I should not be allowed near shelter animals.

Say hello to Maude.


  1. hilljackgirl says:

    Well, hello there Maude! You are beautiful! I can’t be trusted at an animal shelter either! :wave:

  2. lattelady says:

    Hello beautiful Maude. Welcome to the farm. :sun:

  3. boulderneigh says:

    Oh, she’s BEAUTIFUL! (I take it they didn’t have any LGD puppies who needed a home?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Wendy says:

    Hi there Maude–glad to see you are only 1/2 under the furniture while getting accustomed to your new home..

  5. CATRAY44 says:

    Very pretty kitty and the name fits a cat in an old farm house!

  6. BostonSu says:

    Maude is a beautiful girl! She a sweet face! She definitely kanded in a good home. :pawprint:

  7. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl says:

    Very glad to see the drain work WORKS!!!

    Maude was my grandmother’s name and I like it. She sure looks like a pretty kitty. Hopefully, we’ll get to see a picture of all of her soon.

  8. twoturkey says:

    :help: I shouldn’t check out our vet’s online site…we also have a new kitty. His name is Sammy and he is a devil. Makes three kitties now and love them all to pieces.
    Glad to see Maude and also see your culvert is working.


  9. bbkrehmeyer says:

    Such a sweet dang face!!!! Love her name also.
    Wished I could have a nice cat, but my little “rattie” (Toy rat terrier,) would tear it up…. He’s an 11 lb beast! We can’t even feed the birds, he jumps and catches them midair!!! Bad Buzzer, Bad bad bad……. :devil2:

  10. whaledancer says:

    Taking your dog to a vet associated with an animal shelter might not save you money in the long run. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Maude is beautiful. I think your new farm needed a Maude.

  11. CarrieJ says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Me too, ask Missy, Jasper, Rudy, Petey and Casey. We got to name two of those and that’s it.

    Hi Maude ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. mammaleigh says:

    Too cute!!
    I would love to have more animals but I think I am at my limit now!!! 3 cats, 2 dogs, 1 bunny, 2 turtles, 1 fish and then the chickens! I think if we brought home another pet my kids would actually get bothered..haha!

  13. GA_in_GA says:

    Our shelter has so many animals that need a good, forever home. But I know we are at our limit – my DH has told me so. ๐Ÿ˜• Maude is a very pretty kitty and she is one lucky little girl. Glad she has been spayed. We practice that as well. Chickens are so much easier in that respect!

    So glad the culvert is working and you do not have a rain pond on the property today!

  14. Remudamom says:

    Maude is a beauty.

    I don’t even have to go to the shelter. We seem to be the local dump spot for unwanted kitties and dogs. I feed, heal and rehome the doggies, but the cat count around here is getting pretty high.

  15. Karen H says:

    Hi Maude, I think you have chosen a wonderful family to live with. Take good care of them with lots of purrs, snuggles and kitty kisses.

  16. wvhomecanner says:

    Awwwww Maude knew what she was doing when she batted her eyes at you. She’s beautiful!
    BTW Suzanne, my Roane County born grandmother’s name was Maude :hug:

  17. kdubbs says:

    I’m married to a veterinarian whose practice also does all the work for the local SPCA. We accumulate animals too, so I completely understand!

  18. AnnieB says:

    Hello there Maude! What a sweet face . . . and look at those teeny little pink paw pads! Glad she’s not hiding in a closet somewhere.

    Happy about your lack of a pond Suzanne!

  19. pattyb says:

    Maude is darling, Suzanne! She looks like she is right at home.


  20. 4jsMOM says:

    Lucky Maude. She really looks like she is where she belongs, with Suzanne and Morgan.

  21. wvshopper says:

    Hello Maude, such a cute face….I hope will we see some cat pictures on smugmug, pleeeeeaaaassee !

  22. Turtle Mom says:

    What a cute kitty! I am so happy for you that the culvert is working properly! I have longed for a Great Pyrenees for quite some time now. One of our local shelters has a male available for adoption and he’s such a handsome dog, but way too big for our small home and yard. Maybe some day…

  23. brookdale says:

    Welcome, Maude! Hope all the other kitties like you and let you play with them and share the food.

  24. Julia says:

    What a sweetie! Did she meet Coco before she came home?

  25. yvonnem says:

    She’s so purrrrdy! :wave:

  26. mackenzie93 says:

    Suzanne, Maude looks like a sweetheart. I confess I’ve lost track of how many cats and other cute little critters you have. But they’re all lovely.

  27. bonita says:

    There has to be something very satisfying about a dry culvert. Worth some sort of celebration. . . oh! I see. . .

    “And then there’s Maude…
    …Right On!, Maude”

  28. Rose H says:

    So pleased for you that the drain is working well.
    Maude is gorgeous…no wonder you couldn’t resist ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. Blyss says:

    Maude is SO cute! She looks a lot like my little Kali-ko Kat that adopted us right before I went to Retreat. The last thing in the world I wanted or needed was another cat, but she had other ideas. I am sure you will love Maude as much as I love Kali.

    And I am glad Lake McMinn has gone away!

  30. Ann W says:

    Your new culvert is a work of out. If I’d had the flooding I think I would just stand there and watch the water run into the new culvert! Maude is very cute.

  31. TwistedStitcher says:

    Lake McMinn… I love it. Glad to see it gone as I know you are. Maude is adorable. In addition to having a pink bedroom I am sure being the crazy cat lady is another good way to keep the men away too!

  32. yvonnem says:

    How are Kitten and Little doing? Haven’t read anything about them lately, but I understand why, you’ve had tooooo much going on!

  33. Eva says:

    Sweet Maude…what is her story?

  34. Hlhohnholz says:

    Maude! Welcome to the family my girl. You’re as beautiful as your name. Take good care of Suzanne, and make sure Kitten & Little behave themselves.

  35. Claudia W says:

    I could not have passed up that face either.
    Welcome home maude! You are one of the luckiest cats in the world you know!

  36. Cheryl LeMay says:

    Glad your culvert is working out. You certainly don’t need flooding problems to add to your list. Maude is quite a beauty. I couldn’t have resisted that sweet face either.

  37. Mandys says:

    Aw Maude is beautiful! I shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near shelter animals or any animals needing a home either x.x

  38. PolloLocoHomestead says:

    LOVE Maude. I have the same weakness. Nice job on the culvert! So glad all is working out!

  39. Sonia says:

    Hello Maude! She is beautiful.

  40. MousE says:

    Hello Maude! Please to make your acquaintance. May all the good luck you bring stay forever. :snoopy:

  41. Laurie P says:

    I love Maude,she has pretty markings. She looks quite at home.The culvert looks good.

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