A Rooster, Clover, and Something Disturbing


I’m working on an article for the Charleston Daily Mail about different ways to use your tomato bounty, so I was out in the garden yesterday taking lots of photos. I fell in love with this one of a rooster framed between the branches of a tomato plant.

It just spoke to me somehow. The small creature crushed and diminished by the snarling tomato plant laden with demanding TOMATOES.

Wait, maybe that’s me……

Anyway. It’ll be okay.

Clover, dreaming of that day not so long ago when they all broke into the garden.

I went back up to the porch and found THIS.



  1. Liz Pike says:

    Looks like another country-living mystery!

  2. Bee says:

    Yikes! What do you think the disturbing thing was from? Did you find anything else? Are you missing anyone? I hope not.

    Last summer, we had a very large bear who frequented our property. We stopped using the outdoor trash & recycling cans. We haven’t seen him at all this summer, which kind of worries me that someone shot him, but I’m happy he’s not coming around here. Our dogs are very protective and might start a battle they could never win. I enjoy living in the woods and appreciate all wildlife. But the thought of our lives mixing with something higher on the food chain is frightening.

  3. kellyb says:

    When I first looked at the picture I thought it was purple poop on the right side of the leaf. Nothing to worry about there. Our chickens do that all the time if they get in the blackberrie or blueberries. Then I had a second look. A leaf. On the porch. Fall can’t be on the way yet. If so, that means that winter is close behind.

    Right now that wouldn’t bother me. It’s 94 degrees with 90% humidity and I’m canning. A little cool breeze or a few inches of snow would be appreciated about 2 PM this afternoon.

  4. Miss HomeEcs Daughter says:

    I’m thinking it’s a trick from Morgan :devil2: …she brought back a DEAD leaf from Texas, since no one’s had rain and everything is dieing she had plenty to choose from… However, we here in the South are looking forward to the cooler weather of Autumn, no wait we don’t have Autumn here :hissyfit: . Send it straight down please. (insert snow bunny here)

  5. wannabee says:

    ohhh the first sign of FALL…..the agony!

  6. wannabee says:

    wait- maybe its a leftover from last year?????

  7. bonita says:

    Rooster BEWARE!
    Looks like a lobby poster for The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
    {This will ring a bell only with those “of a certain age.”]

  8. bonita says:

    Oh Cripe…second look makes me think of Audrey…”Feed Me….Feed Me….FEED ME…”

  9. yvonnem says:

    Leaves have been falling all around here the last few days, mainly Poplar tree leaves. Looks like that may be a poplar leaf as well.

  10. tdu1964 says:

    AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I feel your pain!!! I saw a pic of snow the other day and almost cried!! I am so hoping winter won’t be as bad this year here in central WV…of course a whole darn county of kids is hoping otherwise!!

  11. Flowerpower says:

    When I first saw the leaf I wondered just exactly what did you mean.
    Then read the posts. It was an ahhh moment. As much as I hate cold weather right now I would welcome a few degrees drop in temps. Working out today is brutal.I know! :happyflower:

  12. Miss Judy says:

    The cottonwood leaves are falling…but then they always do in August. AUGUST!!? School starts up this month! Oh no!

  13. rurification says:

    I have mixed feelings. My garden is going great guns and there’s a lot I want to do still, but I’m tired of the heat. Really. Really. Tired.

  14. holstein woman says:

    Well, we are having our FIRST heat of the summer and dry at that so we are haying like mad people. Fall, NNNNOOOOOTTTTT YYYYEEEEETTTT :hissyfit: PLEASE GOD :hissyfit: :sun2: . I’m not having a summer yet. We have barely had summer weather. Ours has been so cold I had to put plastic over my peppers and tomatoes and spray the tomatoes with Blossom set so I HOPE I can get some tomatoes.
    That tomatoe photo is very good. :clover:

  15. mygirls01 says:

    I am looking forward to some cooler temps. We have had a month of over 100 degree temps everyday and my garden got fried as well as most everyone else’s gardens around here. 🙁

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