A Small Tomato Thrill


I’ve been waiting! Finally! Tomatoes from my own garden are ripe! (These are cherry yellow tomatoes.)


  1. Joell says:

    We had 3 ripe cherry tomatoes this week, I can understand your thrill. I try to figure a way to serve 3 little tomatoes, I could not find a way, so I ate them on my way back to the house—-who will know??

  2. Davidsca says:

    My Japanese Black Trifeles(burgundy, pear shape) are pretty close to ripe. Maybe another week or so.

    I have an associate that trades with me. She brought cukes, new orchid hybrid watermelons and cherokee tomatoes.

    I will trade back hand made kitchen knives, bread and cheese. I’ll also have garlic and onions next season. It works out well


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