A Windowful of Summer


Since the storm knocked over some of my sunflowers, I brought them inside. I love sunflowers in my kitchen. (Every time I post a photo of my kitchen garden window, someone tells me that it’s not a good idea to expose canned goods to light. I want to take this opportunity to explain that my garden window juts out into a covered back porch. No direct sunlight has ever or will ever hit my garden window. Which explains why I can’t grow plants there.)


  1. jane says:

    I live in the city and have DSL through AT and T, and it is always slow. Maybe not as slow as yours there but still very slow many many times. I never know how long it will take to pull up anything and sometimes it just locks up and quits. I have to shut down. Not sure if that is DSL or my laptop.

    Which salsa recipe did you use?

  2. Beth says:

    I love your sunflowers! I didn’t get around to planting mine this year, but thankfully I have about 20 volunteers from last years dropped seeds. Of course ALL of them are the giant kind. I’ll let them dry and then store them to hang out on the front porch for the cardinals this winter.

  3. B. Ruth says:

    “Purty” sunflowers…
    Love your garden window…..I can envision it full of African Violets, Gloxzinas (sic) or a delicate miniature fern or two…
    I always wanted one of those windows, on the North side, for bright-light but no sun-flowers (no pun intended)…
    PS… plant slave here….
    PSS…every country woman needs a dime-store violet growing…like Grandmas’………..

  4. B. Ruth says:

    I spy….(and will you see this post?)
    Is that a Blenko (green) jar in you greenhouse window….?
    Just love WV glass……..

    PS…The corn puddin’ turned out good…yummm
    PSS..Question: Do you make homemade ice cream?
    Ponder: Would you hand crank it…or electrify it…and do you use raw eggs..and scald or no eggs…and do you have a tried and true good recipe?

  5. Sheryl (Runningtrails) says:

    I love sunflowers too and I love the way the canned goods look in the window!

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