Always A Clue


One thing about horses is they’re big. So when they get out and go strolling by your window, at least you notice!


  1. AnnieB says:

    Ha! I love that photo. GOATS: What are YOU looking at, woman? HORSES: Woman? WHAT woman? Who cares, I’ve got grass! CHICKEN: I’m just one of the goats.

  2. Lois says:

    Wish you had a “Like” button for comments. Love AnnieB’s comments. And the photo. Looks like you’re finally beginning to ‘green-up’!

  3. Dghawk says:

    Oops! At least your gate is closed. My horse, Jalapeno, would hang out in the front yard until I came out. Then look at me like, “Uh, I can’t remember how I got out. Can you put me back in, Mom?”

  4. Dana says:

    OMG is that grass?!? We have been snowing and freezing since November. Had blizzard AGAIN this morning! I love this pic! I would love a horse, anyone’s horse to be outside my window right now!! My chickens are going coop crazy 🙁 thank you so much for this….I know now there could be life after Winter 2013/2014. We still have six feet of that white stuff all around 🙁 I might be exaggerating but you can’t see the stairs to our deck…


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