And the Winner Is


Here is the complete book jacket.
Printed actual size and set up as it will look when the jacket is wrapped on a book.
THAT IS MY BOOK! I am so excited!


  1. Canner Joann says:

    It looks awesome! I can’t wait until it’s published!

  2. MJ Krech says:

    Please let Jerry know we are all very impressed with his “eye!” He “saw” it and ran for his camera for that last shot! Which was THE ONE! Way to go, Jerry!

  3. Snapper119 says:

    Woot!! Nice! Cannot wait!

  4. Ronni says:

    Love the jacket. Can’t wait to curl up and read your book ! Is it going to be available for preorder ? Are you going to have it available here ? I love to support the small book stores and keep them around , do you have a local bookstore where we can get the book ? Very happy it will be out in time for next winter so I can enjoy it durning down time . Congrats & will be watching for release date. Have a Happy Easter :shroom: :moo:

  5. DebbieO says:

    Awesome! Good that they photoshopped out the feed bag. Lol

  6. hershiesgirl says:

    Awesome! But SO totally messed up that we can’t actually READ the full dustcover yet! 🙂

  7. ramseybergstrom says:

    Look at that! So perfect, really happy for you!!!

  8. Heidi533 says:

    Wonderful! I never realized that getting a book from writer to reader was such a long process. I can’t wait to actually have the book in my hands.

  9. IowaCowgirl says:

    Very Nice….I’m so excited for you.

    Have a great Easter….!!!

  10. Diane says:

    I love it. The red in the barn is a great color and the texture stands out great. I like how natural you look holding that chicken. 🙂 Congrats on your new book!!! Cant wait to read it.

  11. Marigene says:

    Congratulations, Suzanne!

  12. GA_in_GA says:



  13. EMarie says:

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

  14. rurification says:

    Yay!! Looks fabulous!

  15. FujiQ says:

    An Adventure in Ordinary Splendor

    Has got to be one of the best subtitles evah!

  16. bonita says:

    Fellow CITR Sistas: YES it is available for preorder (at Amazon).
    Suzanne, love the disclaimer on the back of the cover mock up “uncorrected proof not for sale”
    Hope manufacturing, printing, and binding all go well. (printed here, Kingsport, TN, or abroad?). Have you ever been on a press run? Might be fun. All in all, there could not be a better way to mark this spring’s new beginnings than YOUR OWN BOOK. Have a hoppin’ good Easter.

  17. Jersey Lady says:

    Yay- talk about serendipity!

  18. Cheryl LeMay says:

    It is so cool! Just perfect! It will be a standout among other books. Jerry is worth his weight in gold! Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it.

  19. nursemary says:

    Wow! It looks fantastic, like a book I would pick up even if I had never heard of CITR! I am always on the lookout for books about people with animals, living the dream. What a wonderful accomplishment. Suzanne. :shimmy:

  20. AnnieB says:

    WOW, that cover looks great! I absolutely cannot wait for October. I’ve never looked forward to a book this much! Suzanne, you have given so much joy to so many of us by sharing your life so selflessly. THANK YOU!

  21. California Paintbrush says:

    Great colors! It is going to just POP off the shelves! Good luck and have a happy Easter!

  22. Glenda says:

    I am excited for you! I can hardly wait for the publishing date.

  23. knititblack says:

    Hooray hooray! What a great photo! I’m super-excited for your book – I’ve been a reader for several years and I just can’t WAIT to learn more about your farming adventures! I mean, part of why I read your blog is because my husband and I want to buy a small farm, so I can learn a LOT from your experiences. But the reason you’re my FAVORITE farm blog is because of YOU. Your personality is great and everything comes across in your writing. You’re so honest and captivating that I just can’t bear to miss a single post, even if it’s a topic I’m not terribly interested in. So thank you. 🙂

  24. steakandeggs says:

    Way to go Suzanne :heart: I just Love your barn and it makes a great setting for your book cover. So much better than the other picture. Looking forward to reading it.

  25. MousE says:

    Fabulous! Marvellous! Jerry sure has a great eye. You look wonderful and the cover does too, I’m very happy for you. :snoopy:

  26. Ramona Slocum says:

    This is the perfect pic. I’m so excited for you. It’s been wonderful watching your journey.

  27. blabass says:


  28. amateisgal says:

    Gorgeous cover, Suzanne! SO COOL!!!

  29. jodiezoeller says:

    Great! That was the best shot of all. Looking forward to the book. I preordered on Amazon a few weeks ago.

  30. 4jsMOM says:

    I’ve already preordered your book on Amazon, so I’m anxiously waiting for OCTOBER so I can learn “the rest of the story”. I think the cover picture is great.

  31. GrammieEarth says:

    Love it! I did like the other one better, but HAY (spelled with tongue in cheek) it’s your book!! Congratulations! So glad I have already ordered …now I just have to wait. Great job Woman!
    :shimmy: :happyfeet: :snoopy:

  32. Dghawk says:

    PERFECT!!!!!! :butterfly: :snoopy:

  33. ibnsgirl says:

    Congrats! It is beautiful! I will pre-order after we move! 😀

  34. mfish says:

    Book looks great! I have pre-ordered two copies, one for me and one for my sister in law who is from the south – well, FL. The final photo is really good and fits so well with my internal vision of what you are like.

    BTW, If I had your hair, I’d hide behind it too:)

    And a chicken to complete the picture! Love love love chickens, but can’t keep them anymore in my apt.

    Nice going, Suzanne!

    Bend, OR

  35. Tinia at Lucas Farm says:

    Congrats, darlin’ – THAT is perfect!!!

  36. BuckeyeGirl says:

    I got a notice a while ago with confirming the ship-date of my pre-ordered copy! Can’t wait to get it, and I’ll be looking for a chance to get it signed eventually too!

  37. Della says:

    Love the picture BUT I liked them all evan w/ears.
    I am so proud of your achievements.

    Have fun with it. You are only young once.

  38. MousE says:

    Ok this is my favorite comment of the month, from mfish:

    “Love love love chickens, but can’t keep them anymore in my apt.”


  39. MelissaJ says:

    Now that is a winner. Congrats!!! Can’t wait for book to be published. 😀 Greetings from Clay, WV

  40. willsahna says:

    Love it. It just screams to be opened and read! Very inviting.

  41. Dawn says:

    thats my pic of photos too – please let us know approx coast and publish time so I can work it into my budget because this is definately a purchase I want to make. I have to be careful and cant buy much like this – the last new book I bought was the one my sons first published art work appeared in. thanks – db

  42. aprilsinohio says:

    LOVE! Can’t wait to read it! :heart:

  43. Diane Dodd says:

    Congratulations!!! That is awesome and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover!

  44. AspenFlower says:

    I am so excited, and I can’t wait!!! I’m triple excited for you too!!!=)Woohoo, Congratulations Susanne!!! :fairy: :heart: :happyflower:

  45. KellyWalkerStudios says:

    It’s beautiful! I know you must be SOOOOO excited. I’m excited for you. Can’t wait to get a copy. Congrats again.

  46. bonita says:

    Suzanne…A midnight musing…Any talk of producing a trailer for YOUR book?

  47. Leah's Mom says:

    I haven’t commented in a long time but still reading (even though I get behind often! :wave: )

    Looking forward to the book…how exciting you have the cover 🙂

  48. SuzieQ says:

    Perfect!! :dancingmonster:

  49. Noël, the Production Editor says:

    Hi everyone! Suzanne’s production editor here. I’ve been following Suznne’s posts and had to jump in! Bonita, the book will be printing domestically, in Harrisonburg, VA.

  50. Noël, the Production Editor says:

    Oh dear. And my first post has a typo. I suppose we live and learn. 🙂

  51. bonita says:

    Ahh, Noel, thanks for the info. In a former life I was a production editor for certain h.s. textbooks. Congrats on the way you and HO have shepherded the McMinn opus.

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