Annabelle’s Batting


Any interest out there in Annabelle’s batting? I’m selling it in the quantity pictured above at the Sassafras Farm Flea Market during the Party on the Farm, which is two ounce rolls–for $12, due to the expense of having it processed. (I spent $200 having Annabelle’s wool alone processed into batting, not counting the yarn processed from the other sheep.) I can sell it in different quantities, but it’s all $6/ounce. (Pictured is two ounces–which looks like a lot, but batting is incredibly LIGHT.) The batting is suitable for felting and other crafts, and could even be spun into yarn, though people don’t usually hanker after Dorset wool for spinning.

Note: I have it packaged in open-ended plastic bags for the flea market only, with a note in each bag instructing to not store wool in plastic long-term once they get it home. This is so people can see inside the package at the flea market.


  1. woolylamb says:

    :sheepjump: You might want to look at some other places to process your fleeces Suzanne. That is a bit steep for non luxury fibers, and I have had single fleeces done by the folks at both Zeilingers and Frankenmuth for quite reasonable amounts. While Dorset may not be popular with handspinners, I have used it very successfully for both sweaters and socks, alone and mixed. Very bouncy and lively!

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