Another Round


I love hot pepper butter so much, I had to make another batch before this summer’s peppers were gone. Notice how much different the color is in this batch than my last one. (See my previous batch here.) I used mostly red peppers this time, and last time I used more green peppers.

(See the hot pepper butter recipe and discussion here.)


  1. monica says:

    Since they have a different color, do they have a different flavor as well? I love the shape of the little jars that look like balls–They would be perfect size & shape for jellies and jams to make gifts.

    This week, I think I get to make applesauce and can pears in syrup. Hubby has my “kitchen” all ready in the basement with free recycled cabinets and counters. He bought me a huge stove from somebody on craigslist for $50–it is bigger than the stove I use for everyday! The lady that got this stove when it was new was very happy to get it! It is a GE from 1983 (even manufacturer not really sure on the year, but I think it is close).

    I can’t remember what post it was, but you wrote about using your gas grill for canning: Do you have side burners? I wasn’t sure on that. Thanks for all your help and inspiration–Your site always makes me think about my part in making the world a better place.

  2. monica says:

    We don’t have a side burner on the grill–what else do you use it for?

    My pressure canner is somewhat of a joke: I can’t get more than 4 pints in it. I am scared to death of the top blowing off still! Is there enough acid in apples to hot water bath? How about pears? I am scared to death of pressure canners. I have reason to though: the neighbor lady had on badly scar her hands and face. I just can’t do it. Can I add a fruit acid to each jar to help preserve it using the water bath method?

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