Another Surprise Package


Is it my birthday? I think that’s in April….. But! After receiving the Exciting Fig Tree (!), I got this:

A Danish dough whisk and the most beautiful set of measuring spoons I’ve ever seen in my life–from Sonia, who was showing off this dough whisk at the retreat, gave her own (!) to CindyP, and now sent one to me. Thank you, Sonia!

(Gotta go make some bread with this dough whisk RIGHT NOW!)


  1. LarryEiss says:

    It’s so nice to see the close community you have built here doing things for one another. Yay!

  2. Darlene says:

    How exciting! And the spoons are beautiful!!

  3. whaledancer says:

    Wow, those measuring spoons are almost too pretty to use, and they have CHICKENS on them! What a nice surprise. I think unbirthday presents are even more fun than birthday presents, because they’re “just because.”

  4. chickenherd says:

    Oh, absoulutely! I LOVE unbirthdays! Have fun with those!

  5. bbkrehmeyer says:

    OMG!!!! Where can I find spoons like those???? I WANT SOME!!!

  6. wvhomecanner says:

    OH! Beautiful spoons! Never have seen any so pretty!


  7. mrsmoosepants says:

    When I was in Gettysburg, I found the exact set of measuring spoons (with the rooster), they also had a matching set of measuring cups. I bought them. They are made in Cheektowaga, NY, 20min from my house, but I have to go to Gettysburg to find them 🙂

  8. Flowerpower says:

    Now those are some fancy measuring spoons! So pretty! I don’t think I have ever seem the dough whisk before. Now aren’t you the lucky girl this week? :happyflower:

  9. Granny Trace says:

    What wonderful treasures. You are a lucky girl!
    Granny Trace

  10. langela says:

    Those measuring spoons are beautiful. Now I’m off to see if I can find any!

  11. kellyb says:

    Those spoons are gorgeous. What a wonderful gesture from Sonia. She probably had as much pleasure in giving them to you as you did in receiving them. Won’t it be wonderful to think of Sonia and the retreat every time you use them. Enjoy.

  12. TinaBell says:

    The Danish dough whisk is the best thing to ever happen to my kitchen. I got mine last spring and STILL haven’t stopped talking about how marvelous and wonderful it is.

  13. NancyL says:

    Those spoons are so beautiful I might even take up baking again if I had them!!! Well, maybe not – but they are gorgeous.

  14. Jan Hodges says:

    I sure do want to hear how that dough whisk thingy works

  15. Sonia says:

    Oh Jan, you will love the dough whisk! It is so easy to use. I mix all of my ingredients with it and even start the kneading process with the whisk. After that I just plop it out and give a quick knead and voila!! Hardly any mess left behind. It is just the perfect tool to have in the kitchen. Breadtopia talks about the whisk, and he has a pretty good video talking about using it. Can’t wait to hear how Suzanne did with her’s 🙂

  16. mermonster says:

    Curses! Now I have to have one of those dough whisks. You guys find the coolest stuff. :happyfeet:

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