Apples on the Way


I picked up two Fuji apple trees to get planted here on the farm. Fuji apples are a cross between Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Janet apples, and it’s a very sweet apple that stores well. Ralls Janet apples are a historic American apple that has a late bloom. It lends that characteristic to the Fuji hybrid, which helps protect from frost. I’m looking forward to apples! You know, in three to five years….


  1. Joell says:

    Love love love Fuji apples, they keep forever, I have had them as long as 6 months in the fridge and they are still crisp and juicy, just a great apple for eating and baking.

  2. Glenda says:

    I should be getting fruit but each year the trees are robbed…..we are thinking a groundhog! Very frustrating and the varmint is too darned smart to be trapped. Good luck with yours.

  3. joykenn says:

    Glenda–you might have a clever squirrel. I once watched a squirrel carefully “harvest” all the apples from my tree. He methodically picked them even grabbing hold, dropping to the next branch down and using his weight to pull the apples off. Extremely clever. I let him have them since I didn’t spray but enjoyed the tree for its blossoms and screening of the neighbors. Not a single fallen apple was ever left on the ground between that squirrel and his partners in crime.

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