Ashes to Chickens


We burned some boxes and other stuff a few days ago at our firepit.

The hens have been in hen heaven in the soft, light, loamy ash.

The roosters are trying to be supportive, they are!

But they don’t understand!

Rooster: “Umm, hello, dear?”

“We have a reservation at Tavern on the Green! CAN WE GO NOW?”


  1. NancyL says:

    I’m tired and ready to go to bed, but your delightful domestic chicken story has me giggling! I may never go to sleep now – I’ll dream of roosters trying to get their beloved hens out of the ashes!!! :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:

  2. Miss Judy says:

    I never understood birds taking “dust baths”.I use powder because I think it helps keep the sweating down, but chickens don’t sweat. Or at least I don’t think they do. Anyway…I like your post 🙂

  3. Gem says:

    And some more choke-on-your-coffee funny! LOVE the pics.

  4. Granny Trace says:

    soooo cute…. but I’m so mad at my chickens!!!
    Granny Trace

  5. cabynfevr says:

    I can only imagine the POOF when they shake!!

  6. DancesInGarden says:

    I got a round rubber feed bowl and put a mix of Diatomaceous earth, sand, and soil in it. Everybody laughed at me, but I tell you the chickens line up to use it ROFL! Well, first they tried to eat the contents. But it didn’t take long for them to figure it out. As for the fire pit, I hope they waited to make sure it was completely cooled off or…….self roasting chickens :bugeyed:

  7. chickenherd says:

    Don’t chickens dust bathe to keep mites off? That’s what I heard, at least. Seems plausable. And yes, that is exactly what my rooster/cockerels say to the hens and pullets when they dig out a perfectly round crater and use it daily. It’s very funny when a mother hen takes all her chicks dust bathing, too!

  8. Diane in Upstate NY says:

    Guys never really do understand a girl’s need for a spa treatment, do they?

  9. leneskate says:

    Tavern on the Green hahahahaha.
    I like seeing the hen in hog heaven.

  10. JOJO says:

    Hello Suzanne, Chickens can really be fun to watch at times.
    I want to ask but am sure were to post my question, so I will do it here, I was reading one of you early blogs, and you mention ed your Sister’s website, is that still active?
    Thank you.

  11. jfdavidson says:

    better keep it covered until you know they are not still hot in the middle!!!!!!!!! they hold embers for a long time. i save them out of my fireplace in the winter for them.

  12. JOJO says:

    Thank you.

  13. Liz Pike says:

    Oh, this is soo cute! I so recognize the look on that rooster’s face!! Great story Suzanne, and I know the chickens are very happy with their luxury dust pit!

  14. KarenAnne says:

    I think inhaling Diatomaceous earth is supposed to cause lung problems.

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