At the Back Door


Maia loves to peek in the back door when she escapes the barn yard and runs around the yard mowing for me. She’s just a friendly helper!

On another topic…. A publicist from HarperCollins called me on Friday to go over some of their plans with me. They’re preparing to pitch me and my book to all the morning TV talk shows and cooking shows. I would be doing things like making pepperoni rolls with Rachael Ray or cracker candy with Matt Lauer. Or arranging a cow on the set so I can teach Ellen Degeneres how to milk. And so on. Wild. I so want to teach Ellen to milk a cow…. They are also pitching me to the major women’s magazines, People Magazine, and so on. Makes my head spin a little bit. Hard to imagine. I said, do you seriously think I’m going to get any of this?? And she said yes, she did. We’ll see…. This is beyond my ability to imagine. Please remember that pitching is just pitching and that doesn’t mean any of this is going to actually happen, but they are going to do everything in their power. And what I’m coming around to here is that I need to not have any scheduled events in October so that I can be available at a moment’s notice to get on a plane. For that reason, I decided to cancel the October workshops (and have contacted those attendees) and right now I’m not sure about the Party on the Farm plans. When I figure that out, I will post!

Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed. I really want to meet Ellen….


  1. wildcat says:

    OMG Suzanne, can this book coming out get any more exciting???

    Will you be going on a nationwide book-signing tour as well?

    SO happy for you! :snoopy:

  2. Dumbcatluvr says:

    :happyfeet: Dang it, Suzanne, jump in and go for it!! All of it!! We want the whole world to see OUR favorite farmer. :wave: We’ll keep a light in the window for you.

  3. whaledancer says:

    Your mind must be in a whirl! How exciting that your publisher is planning to give your book the class A pitch. I know authors who have said that the book tour is more work than writing. And when you’re all famous and everything, your CITR friends will be able to say we knew you when. 8)

    Sounds like you may be needing a farm-sitter this fall, too.

  4. BuckeyeGirl says:

    How EXCITING!!!! :shimmy: You know if you go on the show with Ellen, you may have to dance! :snoopy:

  5. jodiezoeller says:

    How exciting! You’ll find a way to fit everything in. Maybe you can have the party in September instead. Wish I lived closer to WV.

  6. bonita says:

    The greater the number of pitches, the greater the probability of a hit! Woo hoo.
    fingers crossed. Ellen would be a good fit/match

  7. beforethedawn says:

    Wow Suzanne! I hope it works out that you can do those things to promote your book!

  8. mamajoseph says:

    How cool is this? So happy for you and can’t think of anyone more deserving. This blog got me making cheese, BWB canning and pressure canning. I have learned so much here that I use every day to help feed my family and I can’t think of any more important skill than that. I hope you get some good press and that you’re able to relax and HAVE FUN doing it! :shimmy:

  9. ticka1 says:

    are you ready to be a household name suzanne? just curious like this past weekend in ohio do folks recognize you? i have a feeling you will be busy with book actitivites and signings….make a stop in houston texas!!!!

  10. Hengal says:

    Wow! How exciting for you! Your head must be spinning!!! :snoopy: So many good things happening for you. It’s wonderful Suzanne – good for you!! :purpleflower: :purpleflower: :purpleflower:

  11. FarmGrammy says:

    Suzanne, please take a minute to cool down. Don’t cancel your life for the book. The things you do are your life, not the book. If people want you, they will schedule around your real life.

    It may be money, but it is not what you are about. Love you just like you are, even if Ellen never dances with you.


  12. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl says:

    Oh, how exciting!!! Can’t wait to see what comes of all that pitching. Please keep us up to date.

  13. Kristi says:

    This is fabulous! If you make Ellen, I will totally take a couple of hours of PTO so I don’t miss it! Have fun with this!

  14. BuckeyeGirl says:

    One other point is by promoting the book now, it will hopefully help support more workshops and parties in the future since we all have to earn the cash to pay for our pleasures. We’re all lucky that part of Suzanne’s pleasure includes writing her blog, (and books), making us laugh, and maybe cry just a little when something sad happens, and helping us all learn things we may never otherwise have tried like pressure canning or soap making.

    I hope she’s practicing her dance moves! …Does Glory Bee know how to do the two step? :moo:

  15. Vicki in So. CA says:

    What FANTASTIC news! :snoopy:
    Cant wait to hear which shows/magazines, etc. you will be appearing on/in. I know your schedule will be full! This is SO exciting!!

  16. CarrieJ says:

    I would totally do the same thing!! We will always be here for you, you only write a book like that every so often. And to get on Ellen????? Whooo hoooo!!! Everyone who has any sense and isn’t selfish will understand. I hope you get on any of those TV shows. My mom watches them all. Then I can say “See her? THAT’S whos workshop I flew all the way across the country to go to, and you thought I was CRAZY!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….man I hope I get to say that someday.

  17. EMarie says:

    😆 How is exciting is this? I’m so thrilled for you! :shimmy:

  18. emmachisett says:

    The new “Rural Martha Stewart” perhaps…but we so much cherish your unpretentiousness” as most of us can relate. Your struggles and travails doing what you do and have accomplished inspire us. Please don’t go “commercial”…a 15-minutes-of-fame “teaching” Ellen to “milk” or a page in some grocery store tabloid or magazine! These publicity machines chew you up and spit you out with abandon for their own enrichment. Stick with the cookbooks that people want to hold in their hands and the retreats where you really TEACH. OR…(Yee Haw)…go for it, only one life, as they say…

    Go have a fun time but then please come back to us the same dear soul you are.

  19. rhubarbrose says:

    You go girl – this is so exciting and I can’t wait to see your book. I’ve been following 10 ladies from the Western Provinces who just launched their 2nd cookbook “Celebrations by Mennonite Girls Can Cook” with huge success. There have been interviews on morning shows, radio guest spots, book signings all over Canada and it’s all very exciting (no invitations from Ellen or Rachael as yet, however :)). Congratulations and I wish you all the success in the world! You deserve it.

  20. princessvanessa says:

    Ellen DeGeneres just “seems” to be the type who would welcome a lady farmer w/milk cow on her show so she can try her hand at milking. She is such a kick-in-the-pants and her show is so down to earth….of all the promotions, I hope you get on Ellen.

    Is there some place where we can e-mail the Ellen show and request you be on her show? Would a bunch of us CITRers clamoring for you to have an appearance help??

  21. prvrbs31gal says:

    I’m still hoping for a Book Signing here in Hampton Roads before Ross leaves town!

  22. Claudia W says:

    It would be so cool for you to meet Ellen! She is my favorite!!! Yes, I’m sure she would love to learn to milk a cow…or a goat! LOL

  23. whaledancer says:

    Not to sound crass, but the best part of a big promo tour is that it translates into more books sold, and that means having the money to keep doing what you love to do. Not to mention it will be good publicity for your workshops, too. Since you aren’t trying to raise a cash crop, the money to support the farm and your family has to come from somewhere. I think you’re smart not to pass up an opportunity like this, and I think you’re sensible enough not to let it go to your head. And even if you did get a swelled head, I bet mucking out the chicken coop and wrangling livestock would bring you back down to earth in a hurry! 😉 The cows, goats, sheep, and chickens won’t know you’re a celebrity.

  24. AnnieB says:

    Oh my. You GO girl! How amazing is this!!! Do you think a man would turn down an opportunity like this? I doubt it. You have been struggling to raise your children the best way you know how. And now you have this door opening up to you. Don’t let it get away.

    I think the most important thing you have always been “selling” is that we as a society need to get back to what really matters – raising our own food when we can, or at least knowing where our food comes from and supporting our local farmers. There have been several generations of people raised in this country now who don’t even know how to boil an egg, let alone know that an egg comes from a chicken! Or that chickens are cool birds, not weird things that come in packages in the supermarket.

    If you can get your message out to more people by being on the Today show, or Rachael Ray’s show, or Ellen’s show, then DO IT!

    I am so happy for you Suzanne. God Bless You for all of your hard work, and for how you have shared it, and hopefully how you will continue to share it with more and more people.

  25. nursemary says:

    Congratulations Suzanne. Take advantage of the opportunities offered you to showcase your work.

    I hope you let little Maia in.

  26. jan n tn says:

    Super excited for you. I’d have to remind myself to keep breathing, while instructing Ellen on the finer points of….anything. Or giving the ladies on The View, a few tips about grandmother bread. You know we will all be expecting info on when, where, what time to tune in, or pick up a copy. I too, hope you let little Maia in. You know she was just looking for her MOMMY.

  27. The High Altitude Tea Duchess says:

    I am SO looking forward to seeing you on a talk show! I will point at the screen and shout, ‘ I ‘know’ that woman!’

  28. Flowerpower says:

    WOOOO HOOOO~~!!! :happyflower:

  29. joykenn says:

    Not giving any advice here. I agree with whaledancers comments and share the other posters’ excitement. Given that you’re a smart lady I assume you’ve been looking around for a “farm sitter” in case your publishers plans for a book tour take off. Whether you’re at home on the farm and sharing Maia’s antics or giving us short posts from the road, just know that I eagerly await your next postings and support you in these new possible developments. Good luck Suzanne. :happyfeet:

  30. Beverly123 says:

    You definitely could get on Ellen. My Aunt got married in a Hardees fast food place in her small town. She is old and they always eat there because there is no where else to eat, so they decided to just get married there. The paper came and there was a write up and photos. Anyway Ellen’s show actually called them to see if they would go on. They didn’t. But I think you’d be more interesting and a lot more entertaining.

  31. PaulaA says:

    I bet Ellen wants to meet you too, she just doesn’t know it yet. She’s a vegan, so you guys might have to do something besides milk a cow. Maybe you could teach Maia to dance…
    I can’t wait. HEY! maybe you’ll get your own TV show like that Pioneer Woman! They go to her house to film, so you wouldn’t have to leave the Farm (or us) and your show would be SO GOOD. HGTV? OWN? PBS? A new smash hit!!
    Just remember folks, you heard it here first. :snoopy:

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