Awkward Moment


Some people came to pick up Eclipse a few days ago and take him to their farm for stud service. (He’ll be back in a few weeks.) The guy looked at Nutmeg and said, “When’s she due?”

You should have seen Nutmeg slap him upside the head. Then she planted her hooves in his back and shot him over the hill. You know how sensitive us girls can be if somebody asks when you’re due when you’re not even pregnant!!

I told him that the last time she looked like that, she had a baby about two years later.


  1. NancyL says:

    I’ll just bet she did! Reminds me of the time a few days after my daughter was born in 1970. My neighbor came over with her kids to view the new arrival; her 3-year old girl looked at me and said, “Do you have another baby in your tummy?” I felt like crying right then and there! Couldn’t very well slap a 3-yr old upside the head!!!

    Nancy in Iowa

  2. GrammieEarth says:

    Oh my! Maybe she needs to lay off the cookies for a day or two! Then again, we know the camera adds ten pounds…maybe dress her in ‘a slimming black dress’ before the next photoshoot??? 😆

  3. Sarah K says:

    Poor girl. From this angle it looks like she swallowed a giant egg. Sideways. :eating:

  4. Miss Judy says:

    Well, of all the insensitive comments! But then again…are you sure she isn’t expecting?

  5. Barbee says:

    I laughed out loud when I saw this photo. Poor Nutmeg, she looks like a blimp with four legs.

  6. CindyP says:

    Poor Nutmeg… are we sure she’s not pregnant??

  7. mackenzie93 says:

    I hope she told him that she was just big boned. And reminded him that it’s not polite to ask a lady when she’s due unless you’re very (very) sure she’s pregnant. I agree with GrammieEarth’s slimming black dress (or maybe some Spanks). I’ll bet she had to have a cookie after that distressing ordeal.

  8. mamajoseph says:

    I’m laughing so hard. Slimming black dress and goat Spanx! You know you shouldn’t give Suzanne these ideas! Look what happened to BP. I mean, you CAN ACTUALLY LOOK.

  9. Granny Trace says:


  10. patrice says:

    That happened to a woman I know!You could take one look and see why they were asking. I’ll tell her that I know a goat that could slap people who ask upside the head. lol Missed everyone here- I’m working 60 hours a week!

  11. Glenda says:

    I don’t know anything at all about goats but she sure looks pregnant!

    That is the funniest picture ever. You should enter it in a contest some where.

  12. wildcat says:

    Now there is a unique niche market. Spanx for goats. :shocked:

  13. Jeanne K. says:

    You all are making me laugh this Friday morning. Thanks and everyone have a great day! :woof:

  14. TinaBell says:

    What the heck?! You mean she’s NOT preggers?? Oh dear, maybe she’d benefit from some yoga…Downward Facing Goat comes to mind! Ha ha ha! Poor Nutmeg! I feel bad for laughing at her expense but, come on, this picture takes the cake!

  15. jan n tn says:

    TinaBell…SHE ATE THE WHOLE CAKE!!!So many laughs.

  16. JeannieB says:

    Oh my, have you been feeding her steriods??

  17. BeckyW says:

    Looks like she needs some baking soda!!!

  18. cabynfevr says:

    Hehehehe, if you put ropes on her she’d look like she was ready for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

  19. mackenzie93 says:

    cabynfevr, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade? Can Nutmeg float? (Because that would be uber-awesome)! Also, I’m so glad that people taught me how to spell Spanx (I hate when I spell things wrong

    Poor Nutmeg. I feel your pain. Just know that we’re not laughing at you, but with you (as someone who just noted that I need to be seen only in candlelight and not in the icky, revealing light of store dressing rooms, I empathize totally. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t both work on cutting back on the cookies).

  20. Flowerpower says:

    Poor girl…she has had way too many cookies, but then are there too many cookies? Never! :snoopy:

  21. marymac says:

    If’n she ain’t preggers, what the heck is she???? Wondering minds want to know!

  22. beforethedawn says:

    LOL! That pose is not flattering at all. She could come with me on walks and we could work it off together.

  23. Mona@HealthyHomesteading says:

    I have a goat that is similar in size. Her name is Cinnamon. Nutmeg and Cinnamon should get together and take about their weight issues ;).

  24. EightPondFarm says:

    Poor Rotunda. Suzanne, that is just plain mean. 😮 Someday the animals will get cameras and then where will you be??

  25. JeannieL says:

    Wow… just wow… :bugeyed:

  26. oct4luv says:

    Oh. My. Goodness! She really is rotund :pinkpig: That picture should be next month’s free wallpaper!

  27. Chicken Crossing says:

    Poor Nutmeg! She really does look “full”. I wish I was as confident about my figure as she is of hers!

  28. farmershae says:

    Oh my goodness. Is anyone missing a VW Beetle? I think Nutmeg ate it. (j/k – love you Nutmeg!!)

  29. yvonnem says:

    Now I totally understand why you call her “Rotunda”!! She looks like she has THREE OR FOUR BABIES in there :wave: !

  30. yvonnem says:

    …and I agree with others, this should be the next free wallpaper!

  31. countrydreams64 says:

    Oh. My. God. :bugeyed:

    I think Nutmeg needs a support group….in more ways than one! :sheepjump: hee hee!

  32. chris.p says:

    I’m not sure if she swallowed an egg but I think it might be closer to a clydesdale.

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