Baby Belle


Baby Belle was born in December. She’s Glory Bee’s fourth calf. I’m milking Glory Bee these days, which means Baby Belle goes to lockup in the evening-time. Here she is in her little pen–with hay, water, and a handful of sweet feed to keep her sweet, ready for mommy to get off work in the morning.

We had trouble deciding on a name for her. Her daddy was Beau the Hereford bull. I told Morgan we were having trouble coming up with a name and that her daddy was Beau. She said, “Beau is handsome in French, so her name should be Belle–which is beautiful in French.” And so she’s Belle! Which always makes me think of those Mini Babybel cheese commercials, so I call her Baby Belle. Which is also apropos since her mommy’s job is making milk, some of which is turned into cheese. She’s, like, Glory Bee’s lil cheese. Ha.


  1. brookdale says:

    Such a beautiful baby! I love the white markings on her forehead. So, how many cows do you have now?

  2. pugwaggin says:

    Baby Belle is a great name. :moo:

  3. Joell says:

    What a sweet name, I love it!

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