Back in the Studio


I’ve got five days (FIVE DAYS! STRAIGHT!) of workshops on the farm coming July 11 – 15. This week is all about advance prep for the food. It’s hard to teach and serve three home-cooked from scratch meals a day, but I’ve figured out a system. (It involves a LOT of advance prep!)

There was a question as to whether all the kids are gone now–no, Morgan is still here, and will be here until right before workshops start. Last retreat, attendees got to meet all three of the kids. This retreat, they won’t get to meet any of them.
Unless you count Maia.
She can hardly wait till they get here! She always wanted to learn to make cheese!!!


  1. Faith says:

    Me too Maia! Have a great time, I am so jealous. Maybe you will teach cheese making again and I will be able to come. You may not believe this but just last night I told my fiance “I wonder how you make cheese, I want to learn” We were discussing things from your blog of course and deciding about where to put the chickens we are going to get in the spring. And because Maia is such a cute thing I was asking “wonder, if we should get a goat or two?”

  2. Augustlace says:

    That Maia is a Cutie Kid!!!

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