Back to School Week


This week is the start of school here–Thursday. Volleyball practice starts tomorrow, though, and we’ll back to the DMV to make another try at Morgan getting her drivers license on Tuesday. (We tried last week, but it didn’t work out. Not Morgan’s fault, it was a vehicle failure.) This weekend, my cousin and his wife hosted a back to school party for the high school and college kids. (Mostly college.)
There’s my high school senior girl.
She was first to run to the tractor to pose for a group picture and grabbed the premium spot.
Everyone behaved for the group picture.
Let’s try that again.
My, that is a very country photo, isn’t it?

P.S. Weston wasn’t here–he’s still in Morgantown.

P.P.S. I took a little time off this weekend–I’m back!


  1. Faith says:

    Yep, very country and very cool! One to treasure for sure.

  2. holstein woman says:

    I love children adult parties.

  3. roosterrun says:

    We haven’t heard much about Weston’s girlfriend lately. Is she still in the picture?

  4. Cousin Sheryl says:

    Crazy kids, including mine! Just a note – no animals were harmed in taking this picture. Hey, Suzanne – – why don’t you do a montage post of the 4 years that we have done the Back to School picnic? I would like to see all 4 group pictures. PS – I meant to get a pic of us moms but I forgot. We will do that next year when Morgan goes off to college (and mine starts graduate school) .

  5. Leck Kill Farm says:

    Yes it is a very country photo. I immediately noticed the jeans. I live in the country and the difference between very country and country is very country kids wear jeans no matter how hot it is, merely country kids wear camo shorts in hot weather.

  6. Old Geezer says:

    This is weird — all day long I was not able to comment on this thread (made unable by “the system”). Yet when I “logged in” and then chose a different thread — bingo! Not sure how that could happen, and I’m an IT person!

    I’m just happy to know that I haven’t been banned for one of my stupid jokey comments.

    Well, in order to “test the jokey comment filter system,” here’s another.

    That young man aiming the cat rifle will get a rude awakening when it backfires on him. The cat rifle only works if the tail is way up. If the tail is way down (as in the picture), well … get out the paper towels.

  7. bonita says:

    Cat Rifle? Country kids sure make their own entertainment!

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