Back to South Carolina


Yesterday, I flew to South Carolina. Today, I’m attending Ross’s Navy Nuclear Power Training School graduation! What a long road this has been! I’m SO proud of Ross. Power School is one of the Navy’s toughest schools. I will be driving home with Ross tomorrow, and he’ll be in West Virginia for two weeks. (Yay!) When he returns to South Carolina, he will complete another round of school, Nuclear Prototype, which is more of a hands-on school than the brutally intense and academic Power School, and it is the final frontier. When he finishes prototype, he will be assigned to a submarine and go to work.

See ya tomorrow back in WV!


  1. enjay says:

    I live just up the road from were you are, in Summerville 🙂
    I wish I’d have known, I’d have mowed a “Hi Susan!” into the yard LOL I hope you enjoy the trip and have a good drive back home.

  2. Darlene in North GA says:

    Way to go, Ross! Congrats on finishing a demanding school.

  3. CindyP says:

    Congratulations, Ross!! :woof:

    Your mom has so many things on her list….enjoy your 2 week leave!

  4. Snapper119 says:

    Yay for the Final Frontier! Enjoy the two weeks, both of you. 🙂

  5. cincyjojo says:

    Congratulations, Ross!!! Suzanne, your boy has turned into a man. He looks so different from the pics before he left for bootcamp. Enjoy your time together! And, Ross, thank you for your service to our country.

  6. STracer says:

    Congratulations for another graduation to Ross! Have a safe trip back home.

  7. Sonia says:

    Congratulations, Ross!

  8. Blyss says:

    I thought the same thing as Cincyjojo: Ross has grown up and looks so different than the “boy” who left for boot camp!
    Congrats Ross! Keep up the good work! Your Mom has good reason to be so proud of you!!!

  9. nancystaub says:

    I can’t believe how times flies so quickly!!!!! (I’m sure it doesn’t feel like it to you and Ross) Congratulations to Ross on excelling – again! Ross, Thank You for your service!

  10. Glenda says:

    Aren’t you proud of him! I am for you. Congratulations,Ross! He is on his way…

  11. holstein woman says:

    Congratulations Ross and Suzanne. Lots of very hard work has gone into his future and it is paying off for both or you. Have a BLESSED two weeks rest and (Mom’s work list) recupercation.

  12. Landodixy says:

    Congratulations to Ross…I know you are so proud!

  13. joykenn says:

    This is so great. :snoopy: For Ross to KNOW that he can get through a tough physical and then a tough academic program like this is really special. I’m sure it gives him a confidence that he didn’t have before. Our hats are off to you both.

  14. nursemary says:

    Wow Suzanne, for three kids who were dragged into a crooked little house to die they have done quite well! Imagine that 😉

  15. rileysmom says:

    Congratulations Ross!
    You must so proud, Suzanne!

  16. NancyL says:

    Wow – have I got the biggest smile on my face! Congratulations Ross – you’ve done a great job of growing up. You make your Mom and your siblings very, very proud!

  17. Blessings says:

    I swear from here in Michigan I can see a beam of light in the EAST… from The Proud Momma Suzanne…Congrats! Ross & Suzanne!
    ~~Peace & Love & Healing & Blessings~~

  18. Liz Pike says:

    Wow. I could never be on a submarine!! Glad Ross has the smarts and fortitude to do it!!! You have every reason to be one proud mama!

  19. BrownsFan says:

    Congratulations Ross. You’re on your way. Thank you for your service to this great country. Suzanne, I know you are the proudest mama right now and you have a lot of friends out here who are sooooo happy for you. You have an amazing life and beautiful children.

  20. DarleneS says:

    Congratulatiosn Ross and Suzanne. He has done so well.

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