Back Up and Out


My website was down for awhile this morning. The server had to be rebooted. Like we know or care what that means! It’s back up. Anyway. Here’s what’s OUT.
Big Goat Burger, Little Goat Burger, and Maia are lil escape artists. They keep coming up to the yard, sometimes the house, and people come over and say, “Do you know your goats are out?” And I tell them I do and I mostly don’t do anything about it…..unless they decide to start eating flowers. Otherwise, I’m kinda enjoying them!


  1. mamaderis says:

    Years ago I had a goat named Goldie. She was part Nubian and part Tog, so was pretty good sized,with full horns that she didn’t mind using to poke anyone with if she was being ornery. One day I had a surprise visit from my pastor and his wife. Since it had a pretty large congregation it wasn’t something that happened very often. As we walked into the dining room for coffee and muffins I found Goldie standing there, leaving droppings on the floor, and chewing on something. I was SO embarrassed! I grabbed a box of oatmeal to entice her to follow me and ran open the back door so she would follow. The pastor was a city boy but never said a word. It was never mentioned again but I’m sure he thought about it often and so have I. I was SO embarrassed. He must have wondered what went on at our house!

  2. Joell says:

    Maybe a watchdog camera would be fun to see how they “escape” animal are so smart.

  3. dropofkim says:

    Goats in the Yard is a cute name too….

  4. SpinnersEndFarm says:

    Our lambs keep sneaking out too and one of the little boogers likes chasing the chickens….soon they will be too big to get through the squares in the fence though and I will miss it!

  5. lattelady says:

    Some cities actually hire people who own goats to bring them to out of the way parks to keep the grass/weeds short. Portland and Seattle come to mind. A new line of business for you? 😉 😆

  6. Rainn says:

    So I guess it’s a good thing that’s a watchdog there in the background……..cause if she were a herder….she would not get good references on next job……?!?!?!!!! :heart:
    Glad to hear you’re enjoying your life and being with someone of like interests……..aka…… The A.I. – friend in Ohio !!
    Rain 🙂

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