Bare Branches


I have a serious need for leaves. I don’t think I can take it much longer…. SEND HELP.

And on another note, is that tail straight up in the air defying gravity or WHAT?! DO YOU SEE THAT?


  1. Julie says:

    We are starting to see a little green here and there, and the daffodils are out.
    That tail is seriously straight!! Very focused!

  2. B. Ruth says:

    Don’cha know that’s his/her vertical balance beam…..

    …or otherwise…if he/she lets it tilt in either direction, then down he/she goes and he/she will have to excecute a full mid-air rotation (or two) before landing with all fours on the grass mat below…(thereby saving another of his/her nine lives)….LOL…but opening the cats summer olympics early!…..

  3. Glenie says:

    Cute cat trick

  4. nikki says:

    The lower bushes are starting to bud out and yes we have daffodils too here in CIncinnati!

  5. Melinda says:

    :heart: That is just about the cutest and straightest cat tail I have EVER seen! 🙂

  6. Nancy says:

    He/she looks like she sees something interesting…pounce stance came next I bet?!

  7. M.J. says:

    The tail is the stabilizer–like an aerialist’s pole (e.g., “Man on Wire”)!

  8. Nancy in Iowa says:

    I think she’s “one” with the tree!!!

  9. Barbee' says:

    Kitty is showing us: “This is the way you do it.” Great form!

  10. beth aka confusedhomemaker says:

    We need leaves and more Spring here too :butterfly: And this picture makes me miss my kitty-cat 😥 , she was colored the same way.

  11. Normie says:

    That’s her kitty antenna! I’m pretty sure it’s a “she” as calico cats are nearly always female. Some genetic thing that I can’t explain…

  12. Yvonne says:

    I can’t take the naked trees much longer either, I love the green of spring!

  13. MMHONEY says:


  14. princessvanessa says:

    Look at her eyes. I think she has a bit of cabin fever after so many days of being confined so close to the house.

  15. Lynn says:

    My indoor kitty, Jack, just loves to climb trees like that! But he goes out on a harness, he couldn’t handle being an outside cat again (he used to be a stray/feral). We went out in the backyard this afternoon & he was quite upset there were no trees on our walk for him to climb.

  16. kerri says:

    No leaves here either but the silver maple is beautiful with its red blossoms. Sugar looks hilarious with her tail sticking straight up like that 🙂 It makes me laugh when our cats make a mad dash across the lawn and zoom up a tree trunk. They’re in full spring mode…even though wintery temps have returned at the moment. And rain. And frigid wind. It’s miserable after that glorious warm stretch of weather we had a week and a half ago.
    Oh well, that’s spring for you. Gotta expect it. Great to hear the birds singing though, isn’t it?

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