BBB Sponsor Drive


Over a year ago, in November 2009, I had a crazy idea that I would try to get as many up-to-date, safe canning guides into as many hands as possible. I asked for sponsors. I thought maybe I’d get enough sponsors to give away a few dozen books for a few months. Since November 2009, I’ve given away nearly 100 copies of the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving. Usually once a week, sometimes in big giveaways of 5 or 10 at a time. Nearly 3 dozen sponsors made donations, some one book, others two or three, some as many as 10 books. They sponsored them in the name of their website, for the sake of a cause, or in honor of their grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Some donated anonymously.

At this point, I have a few more BBBs left to give away and a few more sponsors to honor in the Hall of Fame sponsor list on the Ball Blue Book Project page. I intend to continue giving away BBBs as long as I can, even if I have to buy them myself, but if you would like to become a sponsor, please consider it!

To can is more than just to put away a jar of food. It’s a connection to the past and a hope for the future. It bring families and friends together, creates new memories and brings out old ones, and is one of the easiest ways anyone, living anywhere, can practice self-sustainable, green, and simple living. Preserving food changes perspectives and changes lives.

To sponsor a Ball Blue Book, contact me at CITRbusiness(at) for information on sponsorship and to give me your information and website/blog link (if you have one). Your information and link will be posted in the Ball Blue Book post you sponsor. Sponsors are also listed permanently on the honor roll. Ordering and shipping books to winners is handled by me, no work for you! The $10 sponsorship fee covers the cost of the book and shipping. No profit is collected by me for the Ball Blue Book Project giveaways.

*If you don’t have a website or blog but just want to encourage safe, healthy canning, you can still sponsor a Ball Blue Book. (You can even sponsor anonymously if you choose, or sponsor in the name of someone you want to honor, such as a grandmother who canned.)

Thank you to all the sponsors!


  1. CindyP says:

    A wonderful crusade you’re on, Suzanne! Thank you and all of the sponsors that have made this possible for over a year and hopefully much longer to come!

    There’s no reason for everyone not to take advantage the latest proven safe methods of preserving the foods people put up for their family and loved ones. If you’re going to go the work of buying or growing the food, then prepping it, you might as well process it safely 🙂

  2. lilac wolf says:

    What a lovely idea! You are obviously doing great!

  3. melody says:

    Wow that is awsome think of all the people you are helping and teaching.

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