Bee-hind #1


I told Morgan that I was keeping a daily diary of photographs of Glory Bee’s bee-hind, and she said, “That’s DISTURBING.”

Prepare to be disturbed!

The pooper:

The udder:

Someday, I will sentimentally browse back to see how her bee-hind changed and the signals of imminent calving. I know Morgan will appreciate it as she grows older and her tastes become more refined. A legacy for me to leave!


  1. SwissMiss says:

    Okay to get the full benefit you are going to need to lift the tail out of the way. You’ll be surprised at how much the pooper/wetter (such technical terms lol) muscles will relax and how droopy it will be. You will also get a better idea of the sinking that occurs around her pins (the end of the bones on either side of her pooper) before calving. Make yourself a note to take a picture after she recovers from calving so you have a new normal to compare to for the next heat cycles and pregnancy. Don’t be afraid to ask the real life cow people you know questions and advice. Most are happy to help and want to see you end up with a healthy cow and calf.


  2. yvonnem says:

    Oh, this cracks me up! Her udder is beautiful, but the pooper? She needs some “wipes” big time! LOL! :cowsleep:

    I’m looking forward to her calf as much as you are! :heart:

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