In Daily Farm news today, our power has been out. Big storm! Thunder and lightning! The goats were scared!

There was, of course, a tree on a power line.

Life is so predictable here. (Well, at least when it comes to power outages.)


  1. proudmary says:

    Our power used to go out at the drop of a hat. So I switched to a non electric, gas stove. At least I can cook.

  2. MaryMooCow says:

    Weeee! I love power outages! Hope you all had fun despite the storm! :wave:


  3. DancesInGarden says:

    The poor goats were scared? What does one do for a goat that is scared from a storm? Poor babies. Do the donkeys, the cows, and the sheep go in when it storms?

  4. mamajhk says:

    When we lived out in the country we would lose power frequently. Since we had to heat with propane that is what my stove was. At least if the power when out I ccould cook and keep warm. I still use gas for that reason.

  5. mamajhk says:

    I love the picture. It looks peaceful and serene.

  6. Bev in CA says:

    We get lots of thunder and lightning during the summer months. It always smells so good after a storm. Everything is fresh. Our house was all electric, the first thing we put in extra was a gas stove. I am like mamajhk, so nice to be able to cook something tasty to eat. Especially during our snowy winters and the power is off. It is not so fun when the animals are scared. Beautiful pic.

  7. Linda Goble says:

    Its not fun losing your power for a while. We recently had a storm 2 weeks ago an we lost power for 5 days. Its a pain for not having lights when you want them on and also worrying about your freezers. We ended up borrow a generator from my sister cause they got power back sooner. We are going to get one of our own. We got so scared we ran to the basement. I think it was a tornado here. lots of trees down everywhere. not here on our land but just down the road looks like a bomb went off. Grandson is really scared now. He still talks about it. I hope your critters survived the storm.

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