The Best Spot


Precious, enjoying the sweet spot between two space heaters where I’m trying to thaw the hot water pipe under the sink.


  1. Joell says:

    She certainly lives up to her name, she is so Precious. Have you begun to knit a sweater for her as yet 😉
    I am sorry to hear that your pipes are frozen, a hair dryer might help a bit on the onside. Several years back I lived in an apartment that had pipe issues in the Winter, I left the doors under the sink open so the room heat would warm that space enough to keep things moving.
    We have been watching the weather map and it looks like snow may be on it’s way to your area. We are expecting several inches staring this afternoon.
    SPRING—–where art thou???

  2. Annabelle1 says:

    Precious certainly is precious!

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