The Best Spot


The cat knows the best spot when the furnace goes out…. Yes, that’s right, MY FURNACE IS OUT AGAIN.

And it’s snowing.


  1. joykenn says:

    Yes, this is a cat’s equivalent of a warm spot in the sun but inside! I’m sorry to hear about your furnace. These things always happen on the worst days–never during your annual furnace checkup.

    I think I can go you one better. We have a LEAK. I went in my son’s bedroom and found a gigantic bubble of water on the wall. It literally half filled a bucket when I pierced it. And from where the wall meets the ceiling and then later from the ceiling. 😥 Worse yet we don’t see where it is coming from on the roof. It’s too cold now but we’ll have to wait with buckets to the ready until it gets much warmer to tear out the dry wall on the wall and the ceiling and maybe (fingers crossed) find where it is coming from. If not….next winter will be very anxious. Meanwhile I’m looking at replacing dry wall, insulation and repainting. What a fun project to look forward to in spring.

  2. holstein woman says:

    Dang, I know you have got to be nuts by now. No literally,but this is past enough already.

  3. Glenda says:

    This will be a winter to remember….and not pleasant in a lot of ways!

    Furnaces go out in blizzards; AC goes out in July or August; and the septic backs up when you have company. These are the rules of life.

    Hope the furnace is a simple fix.

    Now we are hoping for propane to drop and keeping our fingers crossed we can make it until warmer weather with what is in the tank.

  4. jodiezoeller says:

    That is one large cat! Hope the furnace getting fixed soon.

  5. Joell says:

    If this winter doesnt turn you into a real “mountain woman” nothing will. Thank goodness you have learned how to survive, you have come a long way from your first winter in the “Slanted Little House” you should be very proud of yourself.

  6. nanaK says:

    Our furnace in our “woods house” was located in the basement crawl space under the house. The crawl-space had cement walls; but still, not entirely air seepage proof… A good blow, etc. would, sooner or later, blow out the pilot light – shutting down the furnace … (we had a franklin stove as back up, but it sure was difficult pushing snow out of the way to get to the trap door to climb down into the crawl space (access was from the back of the house). Resolution was: to move the furnace into a main floor closet & re vent connections…. didn’t get that far as we sold the home before it could get done.
    Just wondering where your furnace is located, if it’s Gas, & if there’s possibly a wind-tight solution to your problem as well ??

  7. nanaK says:

    That is one Smart cat, LOL

  8. Joell says:

    Suzanne, I certainly hope your furnace is up and running again, we have a big storm moving our way, 5-8 inches of snow and some posible ice, you are not that far from us, so I would imagine you will get a bit of something or other.

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