Better Left to the Store


Teenagers are so mean. First, they sneaked some chive and onion cream cheese spread into the cart at the grocery store, then when I caught them sucking it down with crackers, Morgan said, “Some things are better left to the store!” Do I not have chives? Do I not have cream cheese? DO I NOT HAVE A COW?!

Oh, the pain!


  1. Granny Trace says:

    So much fun..So many laughs and memories!
    Granny Trace

  2. Barbee says:

    That is soooo funny! :happyflower:

  3. Darlene says:

    I had to laugh also. Store bought was worth it…..what beautiful eyes Morgan has!

  4. kellyb says:

    Children can cut you to the quick. On Saturday my daughter bought a name brand ($$$$$$$) Greek yogurt. I told her that if she wanted thicker yogurt all she needed to do is strain some of the whey from my homemade yogurt. After all, I had just made a gallon of fresh yogurt. She looked at me and said “Mom, it’s the 21st century, get with the program”. She must take after her father!

  5. joykenn says:

    All of us who survived teenagers know this story. Homemade bread, NO, I want the squeezy white stuff. Homemade soup, can’t we just have Campbells. And, Morgan’s flirtation with those iced cookies with about 0 nutrition and taste and LOTS of preservatives, too much sugar when you have tons of delicious homemade cookies.

    Back in the olden days, it was so much better to buy illfitting clothes at Penneys rather than wear the homemade dresses my Momma sewed. What I wouldn’t give today for hand tailored, made to fit me dresses. Sigh! But recently I did have my son tell me he missed my homemade soups, homemade yougurt and could he have that pasta maker cause he wanted to try making his own pasta. And no he can’t have my tortilla press so he can make my special enchiladas cause his dad still loves that.

  6. Anita says:

    With my mother, it was home made clothes and home make catsup.

    I didn’t eat catsup as a kid (I know, WHAT?? Seriously.) But my sisters and brothers did. Mom used to think she could sneak her home made catsup into a Heinz bottle and “They wouldn’t even know the difference.”

    Sorry mom. She wasn’t fooling anybody. Maybe Suzanne, its the fact that Philadelphia-type has been sitting in a grocers case for ages. AND AGES. Morgan likes it old. lol

  7. TinaBell says:

    Oh boy! Teenagers sure are boogers sometimes!! Like a lot of the other posters mentioned, my teens won’t touch some of my lovingly homemade food…like bread! Go figure! My youngest would rather eat McDonalds than the good, wholesome food I cook! Aaarg!
    There is hope though, my oldest who’s been out on his own for years now, shows tremendous appreciation for all things homemade. It saves the day sometimes when the other two are standing around balking at some yummy dish I’ve slaved over; at least ONE of them will eat! :hungry:

  8. Window On The Prairie says:

    Tee hee,I remember sneaking cookies into the cart on my dad when we went shopping together. He would try to get mad. 🙂

  9. msmitoagain says:

    The stinker!

  10. outbackfarm says:

    That is so like my kids. And they are grown. They always want to know what kind of meat I have cooked. They won’t eat mashed potatoes because they say they can taste the goat milk. They won’t drink the goat milk. The grands will though. I got them early to like it. Silly kids.

  11. holstein woman says:

    I know how you feel, I don’t know if mine ever grew out of it. She decided my custom made clothes weren’t good enough for her either as I was a seamstress for 35 years. She didn’t look like everyone else in her store bought clothes. I even tailored her dads suits for work.
    I have 2 men living with my husband and I now and they appreciate what I cook and do for them and my DH would never say anything bad about my cooking unless it really deserved it. Then I know to change things. :heart:

  12. DancesInGarden says:

    I made flautas last night, home made right down to the tortillas, and the sour cream. The only thing I didn’t prepare was the cheese (some day…sigh). My daughter ate FOUR (more than half of the batch) then said “Meh. I ate them. Now I’m going to have a bowl of Special K”.

    I didn’t tell her the sour cream was mine. She assumed it came from a carton and I left it that way 😉

  13. MaryMooCow says:

    It’s hard to adjust over, but once you do, there is no going back to ‘store’ food. It is probably harder to adjust over when you supplement homegrown and store bought. We went 6 months on our own farm food last summer. Never entered a grocery store. That was heavenly. This summer is looking like it will provide the same! Homegrown is real food. Store bought, try as they might, is cheap lookalike which doesn’t taste anything ‘alike’ at all, once your taste buds are switched over. I LOVE our food!! :happyflower: But I share your pain. It’s difficult when ppl addicted to the lookalike food don’t appreciate and even waste our wonderful, precious food! :cowsleep: :chicken:

    Have a sweet spring day! :snuggle:

  14. lizzie says:

    Oh Suzanne, you made me laugh so hard!!! yes THOSE creatures can be SO mean! what was I thinking having three of them!!! 😉

  15. pthdr says:

    You cannot compare some store bought items with the home made counterpart because they are not even the same thing. I think it’s similar to store bought canned green beans and home frozen green beans–the former pretty good to eat, the latter very good to throw out.


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