Big Equipment, Little Equipment


Sometimes, I can totally understand the male fascination with heavy equipment.

Look. You could squash a person flat with that! Big equipment makes me nervous and excited. Fascinated, but leery to come too close.

That’s my neighbor-across-the-river at Stringtown Rising, Ed, and his backhoe.

And my cousin with his big yellow truck.

My cousin and I met Ed to pick up my cousin’s brush hog and cultivator, which was still over at Stringtown Rising. Here’s the cultivator going in.

When they finished getting each piece of equipment in the truck, then I had to climb up into the back of the truck and pull off the rope from the backhoe then off the equipment. It was dangerous! Sort of! And heady! I don’t usually come into contact with big equipment.

My cousin tried to take pictures of me climbing around in the back of his truck pulling a rope off the backhoe, like a good little state road worker, but he couldn’t figure out how to take the lens cap off.

After I clambered out of the truck from my dangerous (!) rope releasing duty, I explained, “You just pop this little cap off here…..”


  1. emmachisett says:

    Wow, it looks like heavy stuff is just being slammed down into the truck bed but I guess the pictures only make it SEEM that way. Lucky that you have “equipment help” nearby. It’s been a year and I still am waiting to get a powerline reattached/restrung about a foot with a new insulator after a poplar came down in a windstorm and sagged it. If the pole is on YOUR property…out of luck for any assistance from “the county Power Co.”!!

  2. Jess says:

    They are dangerous, especially if the operator pulls the wrong lever, hits the helper and knocks him to the ground. Been there. Have the t-shirt.

  3. rhubarbrose says:

    Love how you weave a story! The lens cap is about my speed even though I live on a farm – lol! BTW – have you had any offers on Stringtown Rising yet? I hope everything gets settled soon for you.

  4. holstein woman says:

    Glad no one got hurt! I’ve been in the truck when loading heavy scrap. Not my place either.

  5. Blyss says:

    You can’t see the rope on the picture of the brush hog going in… so it looks like it is just being dropped! Gave me a start! Glad you were safe and things are getting moved.

  6. princessvanessa says:

    I thought, “that piece of machinery is never going to work right again–what with it being unceremoniously dropped into the back of the truck). THEN I read the rest of the blog and realized that there were ropes attached that did stand out in the photo.
    I hope, too, that Stringtown Rising attracts a qualified buyer soon. Then you can truly feel that the transition to Sassafras Farm is complete.

  7. Old Geezer says:

    May I presume to post on behalf of all males who closely follow CITR — with the possible exception of Jack the jack?

    Posts entitled “Big Equipment, Little Equipment” may not be our favorites to read, if’n you follow my drift.

    Just wanted to mention. Nothin’ personal.

    Love that you got the goods back, though.



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