Always Blame the Squirrel


My internet has been out since a storm last night. According to Frontier, a squirrel chewed through the line and then the water got to it. I’m wondering how they can possibly know this since they haven’t yet come to my house and in fact aren’t coming to my house until Monday.

Apparently it happens all the time so a squirrel is the go-to culprit.

If I’m lucky, they might show up sooner to fix my internet, but I’m not counting on it. I came to a friend’s house this morning to post. I’ll be back as soon as I can!


  1. EMarie says:

    When in doubt, blame the squirrel; they’re such pesky critters. :devil2:

  2. whaledancer says:

    That’s right up there with “the dog ate my homework.”

  3. marrypoppinz says:

    My local electric service ALWAYS blames a squirrel…everytime!

  4. bonita says:

    I’m with you guys! Once I saw a squirrel get his comeuppance:
    He (a female squirrel would have more smarts) was noodling around one of the electrical transformers in the alley behind my house. Probably began to munch on some tasty wires. ZAPZAPZAP Flying dead squirrel! Of course that was followed by 3 hours of no power, but, well, it gave the neighbors a reason to get together and talk about flying squirrels.

  5. bonita says:

    Oh, and fried squirrel smells–a lot.

  6. Dghawk says:

    Dang blasted squirrel. Sure you don’t want to check into wireless internet? Best thing I ever did.

  7. Joell says:

    GOOD GRIEF!! I hope that thing never comes to our neck of the woods, sounds more like big foot to me, the story would have made just as much sense. Maybe there is a squirrel cam set up and they have a video 😉

  8. wildcat says:

    Sounds like it’s time to make some Squirrel Gravy. 😉

  9. holstein woman says:

    When I was a child in Ohio the neighbor man used to hunt being out of work and having 3 daughters and a wife to feed, his wife would always invite us to eat with them because we were 3 girls whose mother worked nights. Fried squirrel or rabbit was EXCELLENT with mashed potatoes and gravy with biscuits. I don’t want anything to do with pre-fried squirrel.

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