Bloomin’ Bee-hind



It’s like a baby could FALL out of there any minute!

There’s no way for me to apologize enough for these photos.

I don’t think Glory Bee really appreciates it, either. I started freaking out. She’s going to have a calf!!!! And then she stood up and she looked like this:


Like nothing’s changed.

Then she sits down and she looks like that again.

I think she’s messing with me.


  1. CATRAY44 says:

    You never fail to make me laugh!

  2. BuckeyeGirl says:

    Looks like she’s bagging up too, and is restless, so yeah, I’m guessing a baby COULD fall out any minute! :moo:

  3. boulderneigh says:

    No, I don’t think she’s messing with you. Calving may not be eminent, but her vulva has definitely “bloomed” and her udder is fuller. Can’t wait to see what she has, even if you start making me all jealous again with photos of fresh, creamy goodness from your milk cow.

  4. sharoneconard says:

    Oh man I thought I was gonna get to see a calf coming out!

  5. yvonnem says:

    I know nothing about cows, but from the previous photos you have posted, she definitely looks different to me. Her udder looks much bigger! Yee-Haw, bring on GB, Jr!

  6. wvhomecanner says:

    Yay! Let’s see – do we have names yet? Hmmmm? Let’s see – Porter(house)? Stewie? Can’t think of any feminine beefie names…..

  7. NancyL says:

    Is it because she’s young and it’s her first? If there IS an it there!!!

  8. walkersrun says:

    I’m still rooting for the Christmas calf :cowsleep:

  9. Country Blossom says:

    Congratulations! :snoopy:
    You may finally get that calf and freshened cow, hehehe. And I laughed almost til I cried. You are so precious. :cowsleep:

    Is it time to create a pool guessing when the wee babe will come?

  10. SwissMiss says:

    I would say quite a bit has changed. Her beehind has definitely relaxed since the last photo shoot. Her udder is shaping up nicely too. Looks like she is starting to sink in around her pins too. She is also ready for winter with all that long hair on her udder. I think chances are good that you will ring in the New Year with a milk cow and a new calf. When is the next important thing you must do or attend? That will be when she drops her calf.

  11. Sheila Z says:

    Going to be a calf before Christmas for sure. Looks like in a day or so to me.

  12. holstein woman says:

    Remember, if she has problems you want to be close by. If you see 2 feet coming out at the same time pull. I MEAN P-U-L-L. Not that we expect problems, but you could help in that field. Uh, so to speak.
    She could fool you and not drop for another week or two, but I would think stinker would be here sooner. Her Vulva opening is a pretty good sign of up coming events on my farm.
    If you see her pawing the ground and hear her mooing really loud and a lot she is in labor. (When 3-5 was in labor the first time her water bag hung out and we had to cut it so the water would allow the calf to come. We put her in the nursery pen and I rubbed her hips until I pulled the calf and to this day she still wants her hips rubbed.) Since she is a first calf I would watch her at that time. Only because we want you to have a healthy mommy and calf and milk soon.

  13. margiesbooboo says:

    “I don’t know nothing about birthing no babies!”

    I’m scared & it’s not my cow! Looks like a lot of mooing & body fluids are coming your way real soon.

  14. jeandf says:

    Looks likes you’ll be delivering soon. This is exciting!!!!

  15. cindyinohio says:

    We’ve had two calves in the past two weeks – you are going to have so much fun!!Two weeks before they birthed, our cows started “stringing” where the mucous coming out is an amber color and is stringy and hangs all the way down their tail. I don’t know if different breeds display different signs but ours are Dexters. Good luck. It is nervewracking but it is worth it. We are having a blast watching those little girls play and run circles around their mom.

  16. marrypoppinz says:

    I hope you have started picking out a name(s)….Beulah Glory….Petunia Bee….Juicy Tenderloin….

  17. Anita says:

    WHEEEE!!! I can’t WAIT!! Hope Morgan is there to hold the camera while you pull. :hole:

  18. California Paintbrush says:

    😆 I haven’t explored this much of a cow since “All Creatures Great and Small”. Loving it and I’m hoping it is Santa that will be delivering the little bundle of joy!

  19. jodiezoeller says:

    As one writer said, I feel like I’m in an ongoing All Creatures Great and Small episode. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for BP (after her scare) and GP (for her calf). Soon you’ll be hearing the pitter patter of little cow hooves! Yeah!!!

  20. jodiezoeller says:

    Oops GB not GP. Typos abound. Happy Friday!!!

  21. Penelopemew says:

    We are all so happy for you! :sheepjump: My husband used to work on a dairy farm and said it can take up to 10 hours of labor. Glad BP is okay :moo:

  22. Karo says:

    Hmmm. In keeping with the tradition of two-name names and with a little bit of hope, how about Bee Yummy or Bee Tender? No? Okay…

  23. Justquilting says:

    How about Gertrude or Melvin? Lou Belle or Clyde? Perhaps, Mable or Georgy Boy

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