Bluebells by the Road


Bluebells are one of my favorite early spring wildflowers. I spotted this clump of blooms between our farm and the river ford yesterday morning when I took the kids to the bus. I meant to bring my camera with me when I went back out to pick them up in the afternoon, but unfortunately I forgot. Unfortunately not because I couldn’t take the picture–I went back later, got my camera, and photographed them–but because I didn’t have my camera with me to show you the sight that greeted us when I headed up the driveway. Poky and Jack, heading down the driveway. I was almost speechless. Ummm, ummm. I think that’s all that came out of my mouth because I knew right away that if Jack and Poky were out, that meant the goats and the cows and EVERYBODY could be out, too.

And I knew what had happened. Finally. FINALLY. Poky, who is only two years old to Jack’s 14, had said, “Jack, you’ve never taken me on a date.”

And Jack said, “My beloved, let me show you the world.” And there they went.

Jack was in the lead. He went around the side of my car and kept on going. Poky stopped in front of my car. Then she turned around, confused, and started heading back up. Thank goodness. I knew Poky was the one I had to control. I kept driving up, slowly, “pushing” Poky (without touching her) to keep going back to the house, to the goat yard. She went.

Once we got up top, I jumped out of the car, told Morgan (the donkey whisperer), “You’re on Poky! Keep her here!” Meanwhile, I ran to get feed. And take stock of what else was going on. Clover and Fanta were also out and meandering around right outside the goat yard. The gate was hanging OPEN. But that was it, nobody else out. No cows. (Whew.)

I got the feed, ran inside the goat yard and started tossing it around. Clover, Fanta, and Poky ran right in. Jack, who was too far down the driveway to know anything about feed, looked around and said, “My Poky. Where is my Poky? MY BELOVED!!!!!!” And came braying up the driveway like his life was over. And found his beloved munching feed inside the goat yard.

And they forgot all about seeing the world and had dinner.

Then we fixed the latch on the gate that they had pushed on till they pushed it down, and I went back down to take pictures of the bluebells.

The End.


  1. Lindsay says:

    Awww! Jack and Poky are so cute! Even though that Jack is a bit of a cradle-robber 😉

    I’m glad it wasn’t a disaster of a day and that you were able to wrangle them back in easily. I hope your birthday was wonderful and amazing and peaceful! :fairy:

    Also thanks for posting those bluebells, they’re one of my favorites!!

  2. Darlene in North GA says:

    Maybe it’s late. Maybe I just have a weird sense of humor, but I about choked on my water when I read this! It was a hoot.
    Thank you.

  3. Glenda says:

    Just another day on the farm!

    At least they were just strolling along unlike horses who would have been running.

    I finally have a small pot of bluebells! I love them too.

  4. Tracey In Paradise Pa. says:

    :purpleflower: Love bluebells…but your stories..they rock!
    Granny Trace

  5. Nancy in Iowa says:

    Oh, my word! Those rascals…I’m sitting here earlier than I like to be up, but smiling big because I wasn’t the one who had to corral everyone!

  6. Marge says:

    The bluebells are gorgeous, Suzanne. And I love how you told us about Jack & Poky! You make lemonade out of lemon sort of days! Oh, and Happy Belated Birthday to you, too!

  7. Linda Goble says:

    Wow what a birthday gift!!!!!! Glad all the animals weren’t out. I tried planting Virgina Blue bells but no luck.

  8. Carol Hesch says:

    Great story—thanks for the chuckle! A nice way to start my day! :woof:

  9. Pete says:

    Teehee… :woof:

    The Virginia bluebells that we planted last year are also blooming! Looks like, after several failed attempts at growing them, we finally have SUCCESS!!! They are perhaps my all time favorite flower – one my grandmother had and loved.

  10. Dianna says:

    Cute post! Those pesky animals will find a way to get out to see the world, won’t they?

  11. VaGirl2 says:

    Maybe it was tha animals way of wishing you a Happy Birthday!

  12. Ramona says:

    Animal escapes can be heart stopping. Glad everyone is back safe where they are suppose to be.

  13. BrendaE says:

    Bluebells are gorgeous – what a funny story. That Pokey is something else.

  14. Sharon Gosney says:

    Never a dull moment on a farm lol.

  15. Tina says:

    What a tale! I can’t imagine how you must’ve felt being greeted by loose animals in your driveway. Maybe they all broke out to scout around for a birthday present for ya! A community effort! Glad it all turned out okay. :happyflower:

  16. BuckeyeGirl says:

    It was an obvious case of Jack trying to lead Pokey astray! He thought he could tempt her by laying the big wide world at her feet (or at least the grass out by the road where it looks so much greener!). Those fella’s just don’t understand that some of us know where we have it good.

  17. Claudia says:

    Virginia blue bells are one of my favorite flowers and mine are also blooming now. I had more than my share of chasing animals who had gotten out of a fence when I was a child, and cows are not as cooperative as your donkeys.

  18. Whaledancer says:

    Naw, they just wanted to give you a birthday surprise!

    Your bluebells are so pretty. I’ve never seen them growing. It makes me think of the jumprope song “Bluebells, cockle shells, eevy, ivy, over!”

  19. Window On The Prairie says:

    I had a similar experience with our cows a couple weeks ago. One of the worst feelings a farmer can have is when they see animals on the wrong side of the fence. Glad it all turned out well.

  20. Pat in Eastern NC says:

    Now I have to change my underwear from laughing so hard . . .

  21. Myrna Mackenzie says:

    That Jack…what a smooth operator! The local bad boy who tempts a girl to try the unknown and a guy who knows how to give a lady what she wants (and knows how to follow when she decides to take the lead, even if she’s only leading him back home). Oh yeah, he’s a real romance hero. Gotta’ love him. :heart:

  22. Martha in KS says:

    Wow – these look nothing like Texas bluebells! They sort of look like honeysuckle. I wonder if they’d grow in KS. I’ve got daffodils, grape hyacinths, and tulips blooming. I cut some purple lilaces to take to work & everyone had to stop & sniff. Isn’t springtime glorious?

  23. ann/alba says:

    ooooo I love bluebells. When we lived in England my favorite spring time thing was to get a huge bunch from the wood & bring to my Mother the smell was WONDERFUL.
    LOL Love pokey & Jack Stories..
    I wish you had your camera too that would have been a wonderful photostory.

  24. lavenderblue says:

    I didn’t need a picture of Jack and Poky, with your words I could picture it in my mind and it was so sweet. Well, maybe you didn’t think so…

    But I did need a picture of those Virginia Bluebells. I have never seen those before, they are beautiful. We have a little flower up here that we call ‘Bluebells’ out of courtesy, but they really aren’t. They are a teeny, little thin stalked thing, “sqill”, possibly, that looks anemic in comparison. But next to snowdrops, is one of the earliest flowers we have.

  25. Jane says:

    Lol.. Jack is so besotted, I love it:) The bluebells – that pix actually – is stunning!

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