Bluebirds? Really?


I was surprised to find this pair of bluebirds at our bird house yesterday!


  1. Tracey In Paradise Pa. says:

    :happyflower: Aren’t they lovely!! :happyflower:

  2. CindyP says:

    Maybe it’s going to be nice for a while!!! Animals know more than weather forecasters, I’m sure!

  3. Christine says:

    Maybe they work for the census and are just counting beaks.

  4. Chic says:

    I love Bluebirds! I hope they stay around for you…it would be nice to see them nesting this spring. I’ve seen one Bluebird since moving to Kansas…maybe now that we’re on the farm we can make some nice birdhouses just for them and they’ll come a callin! :snuggle:

  5. quietstorm says:

    Oh my gosh, are they gorgeous! :snuggle:

  6. Jo says:

    Oh my gosh…how lovely!!! I would love to see a bluebird in real.

  7. Joycee says:

    My Dad used to say bluebirds never leave the area they are born in and return to nest in the spring to the same place if possible. Maybe they are just checking out the accomodations for next year!

  8. m says:

    I live in central NC … and the Bluebirds will return to the birdhouse in the winter for shelter. They could also be checking on the real estate to make sure that no other birds (squatters) have tried to move in while they were out training their last brood. Two males were chasing each other around last week before the rain started. They might be from this years nestlings … or just two males staking out the territory.

    Get your suet feeder up and watch their antics. :sun:

  9. Luann says:

    I love bluebirds, too. These look like 2 males in this picture. They are probably looking for shelter for the night. It’s important to leave old nesting material in the box through the winter for this reason. Thanks for the sharing the beauty of your farm!

  10. Cyndi B says:

    Suzanne, have you thought about selling some of your photos as screen savers?

  11. Cousin Sheryl says:

    Awesome! It is good to see the Eastern Bluebird because they have been a threatened species.

    They are so pretty. Great photo, Suzanne! :snoopy:

  12. Catherine says:

    You know what they are, right? The bluebirds of happiness-that-you-got-a-wood-stove! Showed picture to my bf. They are blue enough to make a colorblind man see! Great pic.

  13. rileysmom says:

    Aren’t you lucky to have bluebirds! We had bluebirds falling down our flue the past 2 springs. Our dog loved watching them thru the glass! I would have to toss a towel over them and carry them outside! We finally put screening over the chimney cap.

  14. Barbee' says:

    Lucky you! No more around here, because of too much housing developments.

  15. KentuckyFarmGirl says:

    Beautiful photo! I have several pairs of bluebirds right now. They love playing on my clothesline and swooping down to grab bugs. They are also visiting my suet feeder for the peanut butter suet I make.

  16. Lana says:

    :happyflower: Happiness! :happyflower:

    Happiness is sharing your farm with a pair of bluebirds.

  17. Michele says:

    Are those the bluebirds of happiness giving you a visit?? :fairy:

  18. Runningtrails says:

    Ohhh! They are so beautiful! I love bluebirds and have never seen a real one. I want a bluebird house! Its on my list for next spring but its a long list…

    I would love some clear, well lit, close up pictures of bluebirds to paint in rustic settings.

  19. Angela says:

    :snuggle: Me too! I thought they left for the Winter. Great picture!

    Angela :wave:

  20. Helen Downing says:

    :snuggle: Suzanne, how lucky you are to have bluebirds over the winter–they may even be my summer-in-New Hampshuh bluebirds, who knows? Every year we have several broods that flit from fencepost to telephone wire to pine tree looking for insects. In the fall they leave after the frost takes care of the bugs.They’ll be back in April! The sound of a bluebird is a happy one. :snuggle:

  21. monica says:

    You are so lucky! I always think that pretty things bring good luck!

  22. Carol Langille says:

    Count your blessings, Suzanne….bluebirds don’t cotton to just everybody!

  23. Arlene says:

    Oh I love them and what a great picture of them!! I remember one cold Winter looking out my back door and all of a sudden in the “heated” bird bath was all these beautiful Blue Birds!!! It took my breath away! :snoopy:

  24. The Retired One says:

    OOooooo, so pretty!
    We don’t have them there, but I do have seven bluejays that live here and eat up all my birdseed. Even though they are aggressive, I still like them.

  25. pam says:

    I just noticed some bluebirds this past week too.

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