The Bold Adventure


When I finished writing this book, I was stunned that the person in the book was me. That I dared to live that life. Some days, I’m scared or sad or worried, for whatever reason. We all are. Life is never perfectly smooth. Some days are wonderful, and some days just aren’t. On those days, I look back at my own book and remind myself that I did that. And I feel the courage that I can do whatever else I have to do, can tackle whatever life throws me. If my book does even a small amount of the same for you, it will have accomplished its purpose.

Life is a bold adventure–if you dare to live it.


  1. TerryMcC says:

    I remember being that perfect little girl as well, I even ate my peas to please, I ate them like I was taking pills. Swallowed each one with a gulp of milk. It is nice we over come our need to please others and learn how to please ourselves without feeling guilty about being selfish. You go girl!

  2. Diane says:

    I was also that perfect little girl. I sometimes am. But as I grow older I do realize that no one has the right to tell me what I need to do and how other then me. Its a freeing feeling to be reminded of that.

  3. bonita says:

    Suzanne, I’m not sure if reading your blog has given me courage, but has certainly given me tons of inspiration to try and/or retry things others keep dissuading me from doing.

  4. Joell says:

    When I was growing, I had to behave or else, then when I married the first time, I was trying to be the perfect wife etc, I tried in misery for 17 years, and then I decided I wasnt the person I had become, I left everthing behind, started over with the clothes on my back and the makeup in my purse, then for the first time in my life I was free—free to be me, that is when my life began. I have never been happier, I met the most wonderful man and we married. I could have never dreamed I could be this happy, when I think back about the first 34 years of my life, it is like I am thinking about a stranger that I never really knew. It is never to late, and you dont need anything but your will, everthing else will follow. I never thought I was a strong woman unil one day…. I found out I am!

  5. Cousin Mark says:

    Does this mean that you will drive in the winter snows and stay off the brake pedal at the same time?????? We at the Slanted House Farm are so proud of you and your progress to become a real mountaineer woman from your humble beginnings from the far away places. Just limit the 6:30am calls for help, I went through all the possible problems in my mind of comet strike, barn fire, cow down, bear or mountain lion on the porch when you called for Morgan’s experiment with car traction in the yard. Keep the things simple when my brain if foggy. You are our favorite adventure cousin who keeps things interesting in downtown Clio.
    Cousin Mark

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