Box Alert


When the deliveries start stacking up, it means Ross is coming! He always seems to do a bunch of shopping before he comes home. He only has a po box in Norfolk. He’s coming this weekend to bring back my truck! (He sold his, borrowed mine, got a new one, and now I get mine back.) Weston will also be home, so it will be my first time with all three kids home since Christmas.


  1. holstein woman says:

    Yeah, I hope you do nothing but enjoy them.

  2. Granma2girls says:

    It will be great to have all three together this weekend. Same thing is happening for us! Both my married daughters live 2 hrs, drive away and my married son lives a 2 hr. flight away. He’s got a layover for 5 hrs at Toronto airport this Sunday. We will all get together at a restaurant during his layover. Haven’t seen him since Christmas. Yay for kids coming home!

  3. leneskate says:

    :snoopy: How fun enjoy the kids all together!
    and Congrats on your new life of being swept off your feet!

  4. Joell says:

    How nice for all of you to be together again for a while. Hopefully Mother Nature wil be on good behavior, but even if she isnt, it will still be nice.

  5. jodiezoeller says:

    Looking forward to new photos of the kids. Pretty soon they are going to want you to stop calling them kids! I hope everyone has a great time. I’m sure you’ll cook the boy’s favorite dishes since they don’t make it home often.

  6. gaea303 says:

    Also so awesome! But kids always come home eventually, so maybe a second-place awesome. But then, you have awesome kids. I drool…. :happyflower:

  7. brookdale says:

    Hey what are all those chickens doing on your back porch? Did they escape from their new pen/house? Or sneak over in the night? 😀
    Glad your kids are coming home…enjoy!

  8. Snapper119 says:

    Enjoy!!! :snoopy:

  9. lauren says:

    I love this picture 🙂 that’s quite the welcome wagon for UPS lol

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