BP’s Big Pedicure


In most cases, people don’t have to trim cows’ hooves. Cows are pretty good at properly wearing down their own hooves in the normal course of their lumbering day. However, if a cow is lumbering around on ground with insufficient rock, they can end up needing their hooves trimmed. Such is the case with Beulah Petunia, who appears to either be strolling about too daintily or we don’t have enough rock to keep her hooves in shape. Today was donkey hoof trimmer day, so after he was done with Jack and Poky, I asked him to take a look at BP and give her a pedicure. He told me he’d only trimmed a cow once before and that normally cows are placed on their sides and restrained to trim. Lifting the leg to trim the hoof isn’t quite the same with a cow as with a donkey (or horse). Cows seem to have more trouble keeping their balance, plus they’re a lot heavier and more difficult to control on three legs than, say, a miniature donkey. He only successfully managed to get BP on three legs long enough to trim one hoof. He ended up trimming the others on the ground, which is not the best method, but we do what we can!

Then BP stepped on my foot and we called it a day!


  1. chickenherd says:

    Well, who can blame her? What’s a girl to do with no beauty supplies? In all her years on farms, has she ever seen a nail clipper, a bottle of polish, or an emery board? What, oh what, is this world coming to?? 😉

  2. native daughter says:

    Problay a good move on your part :happypuppy:

  3. cabynfevr says:

    Oh my! Looks like you could have had pressed chicken for dinner!

  4. mamawolf says:

    Did the hen get a pedicure also? She appears to be waiting patiently for her turn. :chicken:

  5. Runningtrails says:

    LOL! It’s probably doubly difficult with nosy chickens poking their beaks in the way and “helping”!

  6. Barbee says:

    Ouch! I bet you are limping about. Hope your boot protected.

  7. CarrieJ says:

    She’s huge! That was brave 🙂

  8. steakandeggs says:

    I know that hurt. My sister’s horse stepped on my foot one time. He was a big horse and she was on his back. Thought he had broke my foot.

    Love the picture of the hen under the cow. She looks like’s one of our hens.

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